Help - I can't see anything??

I suddenly can’t see a lot of the topics, including this entire How to/Help category. What’s going on?

Guh! It’s also not letting me see any of the ‘new messages’ or ‘updated topics’ when they pop up with the blue numbers. it’s just saying there’s nothing there.

Also, I can’t seem to see this topic either! I have to manually find it using tags of all things when it just appeared there and was there in the past.

Did I change a setting or something?

EDIT: …I am now even more confused. I made a new tab and went back to this website, and now everything is displaying again as it should. Can anyone tell me what happened so I can avoid it in the future?

I’m assuming that whatever that was, isn’t something easily repeatable by other people.

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To be honest it sounds like it might have been a network glitch. These things can happen randomly and are outside of anyone’s control. They usually resolve themselves after a bit once traffic starts to reroute or the network issue was fixed.

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Okay. Thank you very much. I’m glad to know that whatever freak thing it was, it was only temporary.

Yeah, the last time that happened to me, it was a temporary server glitch, I guess.

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