help identifying a game

hello i know i don’t post much but looking at an old banner related to this site i seen a picture of a purple anthropomorphic cat(?) wearing glasses…i don’t recognize the character at all or where they are from anyone have any idea’s? i tried using the info in the pic but it was too blurry for the image software i use to get the text readable was curious due to it looking like it was rigged to bones from the banner and was hoping it was a platformer or something and also wondering if it died or not.

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At first glance that looks like some kind of 3D modelling software, so that character might not have made it into a game.

likely but i thought it was worth an ask just in case…funny just finished your cookie disposal game, timing is strange

I’d check one of my archives for that purple cat, but after giving it a second thought, I know for a fact I have never seen that cat anywhere else in my life. I’ve seen a lot of purple cats in my days, but that one is definitely new to me. Hate to say it, but I’m almost positive that it’s a fruitless project.

Don’t take my word on this, but judging by the style alone, i’d be willing to bet it’s from Urgurgurg (Currently known as Eggie) and their semi-old stuff. It’s a stretch, but you never know. Hopefully, the creator of that portion confirms or denies these radical speculations.

Either way, I applaud you for your initiative. It was kinda in the back of my head too.

To me it looks like a sort of Spine program, but if we could determine what program it might help. I haven’t been here that long, but Errornulll might be onto something for who originally made it as Ive seen other things they developed with a similar rigging. It is kinda hard to read the pixel text but the parts I can read don’t help that much :\ I’m curious about this game to now

thanks after a fast check of their pixiv,newgrounds,gamejolt,deviantart and furaffinity pages nothing obvious jumped out unless it’s in one of the games they made as an npc somewhere…or on their twitter but i don’t like going on twiter any longer then i have too it’s a mess…

Oh. That was an asset I made to test some cutout animation software. She never made it into a full game but she was rigged. There weren’t a lot of visually distinct games when the forum first started so that screenshot was used as a sort of placeholder (she could have gone into a game, in theory). I can post the files when I get home.

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welp that anwsers that. thank you.

NerdCat_Idle1 (300.1 KB)
The zip file is the Spriter project file and individual elements in .png format in case anybody wants to do anything with her. The app seen in the background on the banner is Unity, I think I was porting her over to a different animation package but I don’t seem to have the files for that anymore. Also, I’m going to have to remove your link as the site it went to tried to download malware when I checked it just now.

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malware? that’s a first…was it an auto download or fake download link? also thank you for sharing. been using that place for age’s and not had a problem outta it thats just why i was asking.

Clicked on the image and it tried to download a .msi installer. Since there’s no good reason the site should be trying to install things on my computer it seems pretty fair to assume it’s up to no good.

thank you for telling me. is 4 shared ok here? mega is a mess to upload to…

Smaller files like that you should be able to attach to the post directly, such as the gif above.