Help Installing Mods

I’ve just decided to come back to Fetish Master after putting it down for a long time. First, I downloaded FM 0.985d, then extracted the 0.985e patch into the folder, replacing the “dist” and “gamedata” folders with the ones from the patch. Browsing the forums, I then downloaded a whole bunch of mod files, but now I’m anxious about extracting them. Which files are what? Are any outdated? Where do I extract them to? Do I need to do so in a specific order?

I’ve included a screenshot below of my folder, hoping anyone can help me.

you gotta unzip the files then copy the gamedata folder from the mod into that of the game

I understand that much, but which one(s) should I start with? Most of the .zip files in the image contain a “gamedata” folder, so each one will save over the previous “gamedata” folder. I don’t know how to unzip all of these without causing compatibility issues, or if some of them can’t be made compatible at all.

well it would be best to put in the mods that change the base (as in the base game scenes, not the extra scenes the mod adds) scenes last, though then again I only really have two mods on, that’s the Belly Mod and Nostordamus mod so I’m not really sure

I have yet to understand how to install any mods in general. They keep wanting to replace files and whether I let them or not, the game wont run. I have been strugling for weeks.

What issues are you having when you try to start the game?

Honestly, I didn’t try anything. I never unpacked any of those .zip files. I was hoping I could get some advice before doing making a mistake that I’d have to go back and fix.

I have a question.Which of these all mods can be taken and installed as much as possible in the game, but so that they do not conflict with each other and with Jim’s FM 0.99 branch?