Help Looking For Very Particular Content

I never thought I would make an account here, but I figured I might as well ask this. I would like to find things which satisfy my interests. Doesn’t need to be games necessarily. I’ve modded Skyrim, Fallout, Starbound, and other games, and sort of made what I wanted, but I’d like to find new things. Here are my preferred criteria:
Note: These are my personal preferences, I don’t aim to say anything about anyone else. Call me a prude if you want, I know what I like and don’t like.

Content I like:
• Hetero romance, both characters chubby
• Mutual weight gain
• Mutual weight appreciation
• Body positivity
• Snuggling and cuddling
• Healthy constructive relationships
• Either furry or human characters, furry preferred, full anthro preferred
• Weight & gaining normalized in setting, other larger characters, other characters gain
• Indepth characterization and dialogue
• Worldbuilding and lore for setting
• RPGs
• Character customization
• Stuff with a squad or adventuring party, especially if everyone can be fat
• Sandbox gameplay
• Open worlds
• Visual novel format, dating sim?
• Story generators
• Role-playing as a character in a world

Content I am cool with or neutral to but that I’m not specifically looking for:
• Other romantic configurations (I want the main focal romance to be M/F, others are fine though.)
• Text-based games, I would prefer art. AI-gen is fine with me.
• Stuffing (I like the weight gain end result, but not the stuffed belly being ridiculously full stuff really)

Content I don’t like:
• Sex
• Feederism Dynamics
• Nudity
• Dark content generally
• Harem & Polyamorous content
• Slob
• Vore
• Inflation
• Derogatory shaming stuff
• Power dynamic domination stuff
• RPGmaker games
• Excessive burping
• Flatulence
• Immobility
• Pregnancy
• Muscle-growth
• Localized body part expansion
• Foot stuff
• Lactation
• Anything forceful or non-consensual in any way
• Characters taken from existing media for the most part
• Anything involving actual real people

I really just want to find a story that matches my likes and avoids my dislikes. Closest I found was one called Fireside by Caleb Foxwood, but even that delves a little bit slightly into a couple of my less-than-liked subjects, but it is subtle at least, and well written. AI hasn’t given great results so far. Also, nobody seems to tag for the distinctions I want.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.