help me looking for a game

the interface of the game resembles Swarm simulator,but the game is about the production of substances in the body and modification(but also idle genre)

Just a hunch, but is this your card?

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The page doesn’t load correctly for me, it fails to display any content. Is there a mirror or an alternate site?

EDIT: nvm, found an alternate quick GitHub - lalalobrite/yat

I followed the installation instructions the best I could understand them (never used git before) but the page I create at the IP it gives me is completely blank, just like the .io page. Does this mean there’s something with my machine preventing me from connecting to it?

thank you, now moderators can delete this discussion,if they want

by the way, those who went far in this game, the mechanics of weight gain works well?

It’s mainly focused on MTF transformation, and the weight gain that comes after the transformation for the females is more of a busty/curvy thing rather than a fat thing