Help: Modifying stat degradation

I’m trying to learn how to modify the rate of how much a stat gets reduced due to not using it for sometime. I tried to modify Gene and DNA values through the Dev tool by changing the “changerates” values but regardless of what I changed it wouldn’t reflect in game.

Any help would be appreciated.


The changerate values are actually for things like proxies growing up, I believe. I’m unsure as to how to change stat decay rates.

S’ far as I can tell, you have to make sure the gene is active, and you can set a range for it as well as a check so it will stay within a certain boundary, but sometimes that doesn’t seem to really always work. There’s also setting a natural value and manipulating the return force, and messing with the return calculator. Though sometimes to get an effect you want, you may have to modify more than one gene. Since some genes are effected by the values of others or limited by them. Also, could be wrong but some values and genes set for characters are no longer used or replaced with different versions, butt he old code is still there, so changing those values won’t really do anything or cause conflicts with older systems in place but that depends what data packs you have, if any.

Knowing what it actually affects is helpful. I’ll try to tinker with it more and see if I get a positive result. Thanks!

ah kk I’ll investigate it more when I got some time. Would be great if this works as it gets a bit tedious losing so many stats points when exploring the forest and such. Thanks for the info!