Help with descriptions of weight?

I’m at the point in my project where I’m trying to write up descriptions of the player character at all the possible weights- and I’ve realize I have no decent references for what different body fat percentages look like. There’s some charts online, but they don’t go over 50%, which I intend to let the player go well past. Does anyone have any references or advice?

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I’d say start out with more subtle changes the light appearance of pudge. Softness silently forming and growing like rising dough. What once was a toned and lithe form taking on a more soft and supple feel. Even later on go into the feel of the weight. Each step leaving their body shifting and jiggling. The idea of the excess weight slowly growing in their mind like their appetite. Then the struggles truly begin if you wish to go that far. The heavy huffs the thundering steps as they struggle to get around all the while they can’t help but keep going to grab their next meal.

The easiest starting place would be to look for good wg fiction on DeviantArt or whatever, then pay attention to the language those writers use in descriptions.

If you want to stick to body fat percentages, you can do some rough estimates assuming a base weight of 100 pounds (so a 500 pound person is around 80%) and look up pictures of that.

descriptive language isn’t my issue, not knowing what I’m describing is, so your second suggestion helps