help with fetishmaster

how can you find the kau village and why does the maid not appear inbetween hilltown and the sea?

To find the kau village you have to go to the Muffin Top and enter and exit the area until you activate the random encounter that introduces you to the “Unusual Girl”. You then gotta follow her to the edge of the forest, which requires some buffed stats, and then hunt for her within the forest itself. Eventually you’ll have to fight a tentacle monster to save her, but she’ll realize you’re not normal, and that you are in fact controlling someone from a distance. You must, and this is important, let your proxy do the explaining.

After about three days, your proxy will return and you can go look for her again at the muffin top. discuss the different topics until you can ask about visiting her village, and she’ll give you a pendant to let you get in. You should now be able to go to the Kau Village from the forest.

If you want to do the milkbarn content, you gotta finish most of Belanika’s missions first until you’ve been accepted as a friend of the village. It should show up in the village after that.

As for the maid, it’s a bug that’s never been fixed. You’ll have to mess with the code in the development mode to force-acquire the necessary flag.

thank you for replying :), and how can i mess with the code to make the event happen and how do you you repair the machine for belinka to be able to finish vicky’s quest?

and also does the sorceres spawn only at certain times or is it also a bug

Gimme a little bit. I’ll have a little modding tutorial for you just as soon as I finish typing it up.

And the Sorceress is part of the Brothel quest line. Or are you looking for the Magic Shop?

Right, welcome to modding for Fetish Master. The very first thing you should know is that it’s not hard, and does not require prior knowledge of coding. It helps, but it’s not necessary.

Before you can modify the game files however you must first boot up the game in development mode. To do this, you must go to the folder where you normally start the game. Instead of clicking on the “startup” file, you’ll want the “startup_dev” file. That will start the game in development mode, which gives you access to a few unfinished scenes, and grants you the power to modify the files straight from the game itself.

Once the main menu has popped up, you’ll immediately notice that there are far more options on the screen than the four you normally get. Ignore those and start your character.

For the purpose of this tutorial I’m going to run off the assumption you’re starting a new character and have no mods installed.

Go through the prologue, or skip it, and then go visit David to get the game started in earnest. Once that’s done return to the management screen at home. Look in the upper left corner of the screen and you’ll find that there are now five tabs, rather than four. The new tab you have is the “Development” tab. Click it.

You should have a familiar selection of options shown to you now. These are the same options that appeared on the main menu of the game. Trying to edit the game from the main menu, in my experience, causes some errors, so I only do it from the development tab.

Now then. If you’re like me and you absolutely hate grinding away at this game just to raise the stats of your proxy to a decent level, click on the “Tasks Editor” button. That should open a new window that is mostly blank. Don’t worry, that’s fine. Look at the bottom right and click on the “Load Task” button.

Before we go further, I need to explain two things. First, the reason why there are different types of editors is because they modify different areas of the games code. Events are the files that flesh out the most visible portion of the game, all the things the player sees and interacts with. Tasks however are events that only happen on the management screen at home.

Second, you should NEVER modify the name of files, even if they aren’t actually spelled correctly. The files all interact with each other through searching for their names. If you changed the name of even a single file, even just to fix a spelling mistake, the rest of the files that normally interact with it will no longer be able to find that file. So just leave the names alone and keep any OCD under control.

Got that? Good.

After clicking on “Load Task” you should now have opened a window with a list of Task files. Normally when I do this I use the “sport_atletics.task” file, but really any of the basic tasks you start the game with can be used. Load your chosen file. For the purpose of this part of the tutorial, I will assume you also used the “sport_atletics.task” file.

In the big box on the right of the window you should now see the bulk of the code. Looks confusing, don’t it? Well, a lot of it is, but the part we want is the one near the top.

self.addStat("generic.str", 1.5);
self.addStat("generic.spd", 0.5);
self.addStat("generic.end", 0.7);
self.addStat("generic.cha", 0.02);
self.addStat("generic.tiredness", 10);

See those? Those are the bits of the code that affect how your stats are modified whenever you use the Athletics task in the task manager of the game. DOn’t go modifying anything yet. Before we do that we want to add a couple things.

By the way, Ctrl+C will copy highlighted text, and Ctrl+V will paste copied text on the cursor. Trust me, this comes in REAL handy to cut down on time typing, because you can’t right click on these screens.

Now then, what I usually do is highlight a single line of this code. Let’s say… the strength code, and then I copy it. Now, don’t paste it yet. Instead, use the enter key to make space. It should look like this.

self.addStat("generic.str", 1.5);

self.addStat("generic.spd", 0.5);
self.addStat("generic.end", 0.7);
self.addStat("generic.cha", 0.02);
self.addStat("generic.tiredness", 10);

Now put your cursor in that empty space and hit Ctrl+V. You should now have two strength codes.

self.addStat("generic.str", 1.5);
self.addStat(“generic.str”, 1.5);
self.addStat("generic.spd", 0.5);
self.addStat("generic.end", 0.7);
self.addStat("generic.cha", 0.02);
self.addStat("generic.tiredness", 10);

I can already hear you asking, “Why did I do this? Why not just modify the strength code number?”

Notice anything odd about stats this Task affects? There’s no code for increasing your intelligence or dexterity. The reason we’re copying the strength code is because we’re going replace the “str” part of the code with “int” and “dex”, so make sure you make two copies. When you’re done, you should have this.

self.addStat("generic.str", 1.5);
self.addStat("", 1.5);
self.addStat("generic.dex", 1.5);
self.addStat("generic.spd", 0.5);
self.addStat("generic.end", 0.7);
self.addStat("generic.cha", 0.02);
self.addStat("generic.tiredness", 10);

And with that, the Athletics task will now affect your intelligence and dexterity as well, allowing you to use one task to affect all of your primary stats with ease.

Next we’re going to change the modifiers themselves, or the numbers. Now, you don’t NEED to have something ridiculous. Replacing all the numbers with 200 would work fine for most of your needs… but I believe in superior firepower, so I usually add somewhere around seven or eight nines, leading to this.

self.addStat("generic.str", 9999999);
self.addStat("", 9999999);
self.addStat("generic.dex", 9999999);
self.addStat("generic.spd", 9999999);
self.addStat("generic.end", 9999999);
self.addStat("generic.cha", 9999999);
self.addStat("generic.tiredness", 10);

Be careful that you don’t accidentally delete that space before the number. Every single part of the code is necessary for it to function. If you’re missing ANYTHING, the Task will fail to execute. Thankfully, the game doesn’t usually crash in response to this.


Also, remember that your physical skills deteriorate without exercise, so make sure to keep the task active in one of your slots.

Save the task. You may also need to restart the game. For some reason changes to tasks don’t always take effect until you reboot the game, but only sometimes. Usually you don’t need to.

There you go! So long as your character does Athletics every day, you don’t need to ever worry about getting your butt handed to you by a monster again. Keep in mind that this only affects your primary stats.

Next thing you’ll want to do is activate a proxy. Immediately you should notice a movement option called “Debug Event”. Go there. See all those fun little options? We’re gonna be changing the money and lust options now. Go back to the management tab and enter the development tab.

As a side note, you can enter the development tab any time you want, I just find it more fun to limit myself in only being allowed to use it while in the management screen.

Click on “Events Editor”, and open the “debug” folder. The folder, not the file. In there you’ll find the files you need. Open them. With the money file, the only thing you should do is add a few zeroes to the money added. If you make it give you too much money the game will crash. I don’t know why.

With the lust file, change the lust added from 40 to 400. Really you only need a proxy’s lust at 100 or more in order to do things with them without it affecting their mood, but I like to be sure.

Save the tasks.

Now you can use the “Debug Events” room to instantly get your character ready to go. By the way, the money cheat adds the money to the player, not the proxy. You’ll have to give money to the proxies in the management screen manually.

Alright, at this point I consider myself ready to rock! So now let’s address those things you asked me about.

First of all, I’m sorry. I was mistaken when I told you that you had to go through the Belanika quests to unlock the Milkbarn. You need to do, in order, the first batch of Doctor Felis quests (don’t worry, she’ll tell you she has no more when you’re done.), get the pendant and visit the village, and then do the second batch of Felis quests. Also, you can’t be male. You have to be either female or futa, otherwise Mathilda won’t let you train Karin.

Second, in order to repair the milker at Belanika’s farm, you need to go to the Magic Shop and speak to the shopkeep there about it. The Magic Shop closes at noon though, so you may need to wait until the next day to get to him. He’ll tell you that he needs 15 old parts to help you, and you can get those in the ruined city fighting Magbots. Take the parts to him, he’ll fix the item for you, and then go and fix the milker at the farm.

Keep in mind that until the milker is actually fixed, you’ll only be able to find Belanika at night while looking around her farm.

Finally, the maid thing. Aaaaaaand I just realize the bath house is in a mod, so I gotta go instal it so I can find the flag code.

Alright, got it now.

Open up an easily usable item and insert this bit of code into it.


I THINK this will set you up. I think. I’m not sure. I never played around with the bath house all that much.

I think that’s it. Let me know if you have any questions, and of course I encourage you to play around with the editors.

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thanks for the help :slight_smile: , and how do you o tried to insert the bit of code but it didnt seem to work so i probably got it wrong, and is there a way to modify your character in the dev screen?

Show me the code you made.

Also, don’t forget the spaces, even the ones before the code on each line. It’s indented like that for a reason.

Here’s a tip I figured out to figure out some of the code. If you’re trying to replicate an effect you know a specific scene will cause, dig into the code of the scene itself and see if you can find the code that causes that effect. The “self.addStat” code you saw in the Athletics code can be used with most any stats you’ll find, raging anywhere from breast size to healing rate. You just gotta figure out what the stat is called, that’s all, and put the stat name in the code where you would normally put the “str” or the “int”.

I like to apply the lactation rate code to the Cream Eclairs, buy a whole bunch, and then use them to increase my lactation rate by a metric-ton. Fastest way to increase breast-size I can think of.

Can you explain how to do this with gaining weight? There seem to be so many different variables for weight.

“Generic.fat” is essentially what you want if you’re just trying to shove fat on the whole body.

soooo… something like this.

self.addStat(“generic.fat”, 10);

Make sure the S in stat is capitalized. I don’t know why it matters, but it does. Also, keep in mind that any fat you’re character gains by doing this cannot be removed through the normal methods. You’d have to use a “self.subStat” code to do it.

If however you want them to gain weight faster from what they eat, use the “generic.calories_rate” variable. Increase it enough and the calories they absorb will pack on fat like nobody’s business.

Also, if you make your proxy eat a large meal, then go to the shrine and use the hotspring a few times in a row, it’ll quickly digest the food and turn into fat.

My suggestion is to make a separate file and just experiment with the different variables and see what they do.

So what would I do if I wanted to do lactation or the milking function? Also is there ways to add items from the dev to your part of the live game?