Help with getting 4CE to work

So, I don’t know if it’s my download or if I’m doing something wrong but I can’t get my copy of Boundless 4CE to work and I can’t find a different download. Can anyone help me figure out what’s up or have a working version?

I’m unsure how to get the github version to work, but I think the compiled version is here

Age Check (download at the bottom of the page)

the project is defunct at the original author’s request, but this person has been working on their own kind of game for a while now. also unsure if that’s dead, because the discord has been quiet for a while now

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Thank you so much~ And yeah, I know it’s not supported anymore but I’d still like this edition as is. Pretty sure the person’s other project is dead, I’m in said discord and uhhhh yeah. Alot of nothing for a long time now.

the link isnt working for me

it’s not for me either, that’s unfortunate. :c
it worked when I posted this, but maybe the site expired. it was an abandoned project, unfortunately

I have some of the HTMLs saved of this and older boundless versions; I’m unsure if I’m allowed to just upload them though