Help with Modding Skyrim

hey everyone! i don’t really go here, as i’m new, but i could use a little help with something… recently i downloaded Winterweight from this thread and it doesn’t seem to be working… i’m not sure why! i’m playing as a female khajiit, and it doesnt seem to be doing anything- every time i change the weight of my char, it instantly goes back to 0 for some reason! if anyone could help me with this, i would greatly appreciate it

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Make sure to download ALL requirements. Install the correct version of skse for your game version (probably AE), for exemple. If you don’t already, use a modmanager (Mo2, vortex etc). You probably want CBBE (3ba and all if you want, too) and you must build your body in bodyslides (as the author asks) before playing. Watch for tutorials on internet, too.
Don’t hesitate to make a clean install if it’s not working after making sure you’ve followed every steps.
If your problem persist or if you’ve done everything as asked, we’ll look closer to what’s messing around :p.

Edit : i’m looking at the comments section and it seems that’s your problem is recurrent. Make sure everything on your end is right, and if it still doesn’t work, it’s maybe a compability problem with a popular mod or simply a bug from the mod. Sorry for that.

Good modding’ pal.

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ohhh i have to build my body in bodyslides… well that was probably my issue!
sorry for not responding sooner, i didn’t get a SINGLE notif in my emails like i was supposed to…

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I didn’t used the reply function, that’s probably why you didn’t have notif.
Np. If you have any question about modding, don’t hesitate.