Help with sprites and art

Hello everyone, I am creating a game, called Queen’s Belly, a vore focused game and since i can’t draw a circle even with a cup, or don’t know how to edit spirte, i came here to ask for the help of some artist to share this workload. Also, i do not intend to do this for free, as i will intend to create a patreon, i would like to share the profits. If you are interested, please send me a message at my discord phplima#9372


what’s this game theoretically going to be like?

Already have the Alpha version here.

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Hey I’m new to the forum but I saw your post. Wanted to ask if you were still looking for help?

I will try to revive this topic, as i am going back to work on this project, and once again looking for an artist for either some images or someone that know how to make sprites