Help with Winter Weight not working

There is a chance I’m asking too much here, but lets try.
I wanted to mod Skyrim Special Edition with WW and it isn’t working. There is a small chance its a deeper issue like maybe wrong skse ver. but since I am moding a suggestive mod I’m gonna ask help here. When SKSE was working correctly and I used the getskseversion command it said SKSE 64 ver. 2.2.6. also some pics of mod list, steam files, error message?
P.S: kinda aware there is a recent thread about this, but each problem different.


Feel free to ask for more info if needed!

It’s likely that the mod itself hasn’t been updated for the most recent Skyrim update which dropped late last year that added more paid mods at the cost of breaking all SKSE-dependent mods, just like the AE update did before.

If so, you have to wait for the mod to be updated before you can use it again.

btw, is their a chance that if I use the skyrim version by roling it back it might work?

Sounds plausable, unless you actually intend to buy any of the creation club nonsenses I’d say give it a go.

What version of Skyrim do you have?. Keep in mind that Skyrim got updated very recently and many mods and its dependencies broke with it. However, the last time i played i was on version 1130 on AE and was working fine for me.

Try unninstalling ConsoleUtilSSE , since that mod hasn’t been updated in more than a year and instead use ConsoleUtilSSE NG. ConsoleUtilSSE NG got updated to the latest versions of Skyrim and does work properly. Remember, get the NG version of ConsoleUtil.

id honestly recommend downgrading to 1.6.130 (i think thats the number?) last update before mods got fucked. its not too hard though
open up the steam console :3 (windows key + r type in steam://open/console)
and then put these three things in, one at a time
download_depot 489830 489831 3660787314279169352

download_depot 489830 489832 2756691988703496654

download_depot 489830 489833 5291801952219815735
let those download it should take maybe like ten ish minutes?

then go to your steam apps folder then the content folder, and you should have a folder called app_489839, drag and drop everything inside that folder into skyrim, overwrite, and you should be good!
the harder part is finding which versions of mods go with that version of skyrim but all of them do, you just need the right file. mod authors usually keep archives of older versions in the nexus file tab so just do a bit of searching and youll be good.
good luck !!! <3

I have the Special Edition, also I think I’m going to downgrade it to an earlier version because it was upated.

Putting this for the thread, but @-Tsvndere because they seem to have knowledge.

I deleted all the mods, and I think I’m going to downgrade; also add corresponding skse with it.
will post later.

I’m following tho in downgrading by the console commands, anything i need to do to prevent it updating?

I will be hella active in this thread so feel free to add more.

forgot to mention!
skse64_2_02_03.7z (731.1 KB)
this is (hopefully!) the correct skse that the downgraded version needs.