Help writing descriptions?

Gonna crowd source this a bit. Does anyone have like a good idea of descriptor words for various stages of growth/body types? Back in the day there was a tumblr post describing what to use/not use in writing sex scenes. It was a really good resource. Hitting a wall when it comes to the weight gain writing. Noone’s RPG is a great example.

In general, with writing, think about how you’re leading the reader’s eyes as you describe something. A picture is worth a thousand words as they say. Imagine it playing in your head and

Honestly? Have fun with it! Gravitate towards types of writing styles that really suit your fancy. If there’s something I’ve learned from this forum is that each has their own taste on how to approach things. Some people like to get right into the sexual parts of things and other prefer to build things up and focus on the inbetweens.

If you like noone’s descriptions, think about how the words flow, like what key words they tend to use and the meaning behind them. Then figure out your own method of doing something similar!

For me, some of my favorite descriptions are in that of Abducted Plus+ and how they change based on capacity. (this isn’t just one writer though since plus builds off of other user’s writing / adjusts accordingly.)

While I don’t like all its passages, there are some very key moments that my brain thinks back on and the way they go into detail. I can take that inspiration and try thinking about why certain paragraphs interest me. Breaking things down with something to reference is easier than trying to do something without anything to go off of at all!

EDIT: Additionally, here are some of my more favorite writing post resources from tumblr-- since you mentioned it.


Damn, that’s a comprehensive post! I will read it carefully and check out all the resources. Many thanks.

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