Helpie me ;w;

I need help identifying a weight gain game. I remember you could choose between a large amount of races, each with abilities, and had an art style that wasn’t godlike, but pretty ok.

I also remember that it was an action/story game, and I think it was made on this site, but I’m not sure.

Any help is appreciated

Edit: Good point, FluffRat! So I do remember it was a 2D pixel style, and was a side like platformer, and had an 8-bit music track playing.

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You might need to get into more specific detail if you want anyone to know what you mean- a game with a story, races, and ok art doesn’t narrow things down too terribly much.

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Yeah, a little more detail would be appreciated, though a large amount of playable races is as good a toehold as any to start with. I can’t think of many wg games featuring different races that weren’t text-based rpgs.

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Sorry, that’s all I can remember, but thanks anyways

Not even a description of the art sfyle? Was it pixel art or 3D? Did you view everything from the side like a platformer or maybe more of a top down view? Specificity is important if you want people to know what you’re looking for.

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Starbound maybe? It has multiple races and there is a fat mod.


Sadly, no. Thank you for trying anyways!