Helping a friend with their goals

My friend wanted to gain some weight and she’s not really on board with it since she doesn’t have much motivation to do so, any tips on how i would persuade her to do so?

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Maybe have some weight goals in line for her to achieve to see how long it took her to get to, maybe have one for 200 pounds or maybe when she managed to gain 20 pounds. Either way have an end goal of maybe 300 pounds or something for her to work towards.
Another to try could be to taste a variety of cuisine, maybe to see how much she can eat then try again once she has gained some more weight. Could be a 12 in pizza or how many White Castle sliders she can handle.
Just understand if she is serious about gaining that she does it safely as rapid weight gain will be hard for her to handle (and risky to her health), so maybe doing some exercises or gain slowly to get her body accustomed to the gain so once she hits certain points she won’t feel it weigh heavily on her.


She wants to gain because of ACTUAL health issues or do you want to introduce her to your fetish?


This sounds really sketchy. She ‘wants’ to gain weight but she’s ‘not on board’ and ‘doesn’t have much motivation’, and you want to ‘persuade’ her?

My advice on persuading her: don’t. It’s her body, her decision. Let her choose for herself.


Yeah I feel like you should elaborate a bit, does she actually want to gain?


Chloroform and a funnel?


Yes i wouldnt make a post here to secretly make someone gain weight, I have respect for others bodies and im not gonna force someone into doing something they wouldnt want to.

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the fetish kind of weight, shes 175

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yes, she never mentioned it to me until now because she felt embarrassed of wanting to gain, she just needs a kickstart to it i think.

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I can try this, thanks! :slight_smile:

There are forums elsewhere with active users that can provide a lot more advice than hat you will likely find here. Can’t speak for everyone her but this place tends to cater to the more ‘fantasy’ branch of the bbw/gainer/feeder fetish spectrum so I don’t think there’s a lot of uh, practical advice to be found compared to say, FF or Curvage. However, if you do plan to go to either be mindful of what said places exist for and I don’t recommend sharing pics or personal details without permission even if some netizens feel like they are owed images of strangers on the internet.

Exploring a fetish is generally something to be done cautiously at first since especially with a thing like weight gain, which can’t be reversed overnight. Ultimately, I think the best approach is to just help them find out what they like to eat and just increase intake unless they have specific troubles or issue.

IMHO. the true fetish isn’t the fat, it’s the cakes you meet along the way. :stuck_out_tongue: