Heroes on a Budget - Development Back on Track

I made a game jam entry. Normally I wouldn’t advertise it on my other threads, but this one is of particular interest if you are watching this game’s development. I don’t want to spoil it, but you’ll see what I mean if you try it.


Is there a way to input the codes now or will that be when the full version is out? :3

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that will be when chapter 1 is released, some of the codes will affect the intro in a very tiny way (those specific codes that also impact the intro will also affect chapter 4 significantly, 7 a bit, and the ending fairly significantly for the characters involved).


Kk! Glad I put the one’s I got on sticky notes! ^w^

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So since I’m getting back into the swing of developing this and Draconic expansion, I have come to conclusion that I may have bit off a bit more than I could chew alone with this project. This is not to say that I am canceling it, or even reducing the scope, but rather I think I may want to take on any volunteers that would be willing to help.

The main story of the chapter is almost finished, just a bit further to go. The aspect of the game that seems to burn me out the fastest is writing the exact dialogue for each of the characters for every scene. Making the maps is also problematic at times. So, what I’ll do is release the story demo when that’s done, and then I will probably make a private discord server for the volunteers should anybody want to help. Reason I want the story demo done first, is because of the fact there is a lot more dialogue to give an idea of how the character’s act and a little lore background.

I’ll resume Draconic Expansion’s additional content on my own since the scope of that game is much more manageable for a single person to handle.


I had a bit of an oversight with the lack of one of the codes for Draconic Expansion. When it comes to importing your outcome into Heroes on a Budget, there is a code I didn’t think was necessary but actually is.

The code for if Serrin (red dragon) was in charge at the end of that game was never made. The code will be: 44444144 for those that don’t want to replay Draconic Expansion over again for it.

I forgot to make this code since her being in charge is the default scenario if you don’t put any of the codes in, but if you were to put in her weight level 7 code, it would create a scenario that is impossible to achieve (her being a blob as well as in charge).

I have since put this code into Draconic Expansion, and it will be present when I put out the next update for it.

This is to say, I’m working on the outcome importing feature for that game right now. It is a tie in game, and parts of what you do in that game can be imported into this one. You can find it here: Draconic Expansion, a dragon girl extortion, city building simulator - Projects - Weight Gaming


I am thinking of doing a very short intro sequence after the plot is set up where you pick which character to start as before they are all made to meet up together. Think something like Dragon Age Origin’s backstory system, only it’s going to be really short and provide minor bonuses to whatever character was chosen that the others won’t get. I want to do something that helps with replay value.

So the warrior is at her family’s estate for a few days until an envoy arrives with summons, the mage is in the capital and just needs to walk a short distance after getting summoned, and the rogue would just be allowed to roam around a portion of the castle since she’s already locked up the prison there after getting caught stealing.

these bonuses won’t be anything game changing, nor will there be any massive story based choices for you to make. It’s also going to be pretty short, so it doesn’t drag down replays of the game.

sorry for the lack of updates, I needed to finish a drawing first.


sounds like a great little idea, good for replayability too! I find these to add quite a bit in terms of diegetic character story

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Ophelia sprites are nearly done. Just got two more sets left to do. I also have received some help with writing the first weight gain level cutscene and much of Sarah’s intro area is mapped out.


Working on some CG for a semi hidden scene for Sarah in chapter 1, about halfway done. Intro cutscene nearly complete, about halfway done with Sarah’s version prologue (will probably be the only prologue available for the chapter 1 story demo).

I also have been receiving writing help from Erronwolf. He has done the first couple weight level cutscenes, and the first armorsmith weigh-in scene for Claire.


Intro to chapter 1 is about halfway done.

Feasting activity in prologue for Sarah is nearly finished, just need to change the movement route of an npc in the background.

Ophelia spriteing getting closer to being done. Now I just need to do the back and walking sprites for size 8. Size 9 still needs to be started (10 is the blob, that’s already done).


Glad to hear things are going well for you! Keep up the awesome work!

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Will there be art ? If yes that would be awsome

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Yes there will be, if you scroll through the thread you will find various images, teasers, and WIP things that have already been shown off.


I play on mobile using joiplay, i have already tried some rpg-maker games in the mobile version and i prefer the pc version since it’s easier to play the only thing that can add some problems is that if you have a quest you can’t see it’s requirements in the quest page. so if there are some quest could you add a way to pinpoint the quest to see it’s requirements.
(Sorry if i made some grammatical errors english is not my motherleanguage)

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I’m not sure what you’re asking, could you rephrase that please?

If there is a quest sistem could you make it so that the mobile players that use joiplay can see the quest requirements

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do you mean in game quests, or are you talking about a program that I am not aware of?

Sorry, I wish I could be more helpful. This is the first time I have heard of Joiplay, so I do not know much about it.


Joiplay is emulator. It works for rpgmaker, renpy, tyranobuilder, and html games. It is used by mobile and android users to play pc games through emulation.


Does someone have a “guide” of sorts for this game?

The premise is super interesting but I can not wrap my head around it. I searched around the food guy’s house and couldn’t find the cellar anywhere. And which NPCs are the quest givers?