Hesitant Artist Felix challenges you!

I’ve never been good at intros, so I’m just submitting mine(3 years late) as a character sheet from a video game that doesn’t exist.

Name: Felix (can be short for Felicity, depending on perceived gender)
Species: Fox
Class: Assassin/Huntsman
Gender: Player’s Choice
Height: wants to be short
Weight: none

Perk: Procrastination - work efficiency increases as Deadline timer decreases, up to a maximum of a 900% increase.

Flaw: Demoralized - 50% chance at the beginning of each day to gain the “Artist’s Block” debuff for 24 hours.

Trait: Perfectionist - Art has a 75% chance to be of the highest quality the player’s Art Skill allows, but has a 25% chance to gain the “Artist’s Block” debuff for 6 hours upon starting a project.


Welcome to the community! Quite a unique introduction, I must say.


I send out Mega Rayquaza, your move


I sent out M̵̠͉̑ī̶͈̾s̶̨̏͘s̶̻̠̽͊ȉ̶̳͍́n̴̪͂̏ǵ̷̺̑ͅṆ̴̛͈̊o̷̗̺̕.

You forgot to renew your McAfee subscription, didn’t you?

Also, MRayquaza is turn 2 at the earliest.


Wrong, it can mega immediatly(unless the new meta makes it turn 2)

∗ Mystify

∗ The Stranger did something mysterious. Felix realizes they have more to learn from this world.

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(I couldn’t resist! :laughing:)


So what do you do as an artist?

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Primarily small-scale sprite creation and edits. I struggle to start projects, but one I get a framework laid out, or start with a framework someone else makes, I can do some decent stuff.

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