Hey all, long time lurker here

Decided to finally make an account. I’ve been keeping a regular eye on this site since around November-ish, when I believe Cake-Catboy promoted this site for the game jam. I think I’ll start offering feedback instead of watching silently from a distance.

A little bit about myself: Pronouns are He/Him. I’m a college student aspiring to become a Software Developer/Game Designer. I also compose music as a hobby and am always looking for inspiration. I don’t have or plan on buying RPG Maker so if I feel like making a project it’ll probably be in Unity. I’d also consider myself strong at writing, though I’ve never attempted smut before.

This is my first time interacting with the wg community at all, so you may eventually see me pop up on other sites. Hope to see more of you all!


Nice to meet you, stick around.

Music development as a hobby? I vibe to Banjo & Kazooie and Earthbound soundtracks, favorites of all time. I don’t know what kind you make, but music is an underrated element to the success of any video game!

Making music as a hobby is awesome and can be super productive, unlike a lot of us when it comes to our hobbies (like myself) who get wrapped up into overwhelming projects with massive scope creep. Not that they ever need to be finished, but it’s enviable to be able to realize your hobby.

While nostalgia definitely makes super retro soundtracks enjoyable to listen to, my favorites have all been more modern soundtracks to movies and video games. For me, the story is what always envelops me into the music. I try to tell a story in every song I make, no matter how abstract it may be. I don’t have that many professional tools so most of my music is electronic.

Because of my obsession with music that can be used as part of a story, I may or may not have a DND playlist of 1,389 videos, give or take a few deleted videos. If I did have to pick a favorite soundtrack though… Cadence of Hyrule’s OST is fucking banger.

If you want, I can DM you (or anybody else that asks for that matter) a YouTube video of one of the songs I’ve made.

You make it sound like, if you had access to professional tools, you might want to expand into other genres. Like what, if I may ask? Just curious.

For the record, I figured it would be electronic just from remembering the tools available to me as an undergrad. Although it is free and can feel like a diluted genre as a result (especially if you listen to many up-and-coming artists trying to make this their career), I actually really enjoy electronic pieces.

So the answer is sure, I’m curious what your hobby yields! As I’m sure others are, too.

I technically do have access to professional tools. I’ve got the $200 version of FL Studio. Not exactly an entire room with all sorts instruments, recording equipment, and audio editing stuff but it’s a start, right? I’d love to compose more orchestral pieces but I lack the tools to make the music sound like real instruments and orchestra sound libraries can cost hundreds of dollars. Same thing with rock. Kind’ve an odd thing to talk about on a fetish forum, ain’t it?

Also… how do I DM you I’m a total noob

Yeah! Makes the community seem more alive :grin:

If you click on somebody’s profile picture, a menu should pop up with a button to message.

You could also post it if you feel comfortable. Speaking of fetish, that might help a fellow Weight Gaming talent find you if your ultimate dream is to complete a game with a team. Take that at your own pace, though :sweat_smile:

Welcome! Happy to have you here with us and best of luck on your degree!