Hey Everybody, question about coming out with my fat kink.

Hi, I’m turning 21 this Wednesday, I just wanted to ask you guys how you would come out to a girlfriend about your kink. What would you say? I just wanted to ask you guys what you’d do, because I’ve been thinking about it and it usually would sound better in my head rather than in actual words.


It depends on everyone’s situation. But generally I’ve found that everyone’s pretty nonchalant about it. I told my college buddy’s about it and they were mostly indifferent about it, although a few were super supportive about it lol. As for telling your girlfriend, I’d say just tell her about it in a straight forward and casual manner, like “So, I figured I should tell you this, I’ve got a thing for plus-size women” or something like that.

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I was very hidden about mine for years then my I told my Fiancee and now she is a full fledged feedee. It is mostly about how willing they are to do things with/for you and how you explain it.

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I broke it to my gf about a month or two in. She didn’t mind at all but the only thing she was worried about was if I only was attracted to her was because of her body, which was obviously not the case. I stressed about telling people for years but when I told my friends and gf they were pretty indifferent.

Yeah I advise telling it to her, believe it is best for her to hear rather than for her to look at your web history and then telling everyone about without you being able to give your side.

I’m going to go against the grain of the replies so far. I think the important thing is to let her know what you like about her, specifically, rather than group her into a cohort of bigger girls and then express how attracted you are to them all. If she’s going to be The One, then the attractiveness of others (and your general preferences/kink) is irrelevant, even negative. Tell her what you like about her, what she does that turns you on, when clothes she’s wearing get you going, how she enjoys life, why you enjoy cuddling (and more) with her. If she’s worried about some part of her anatomy, which you like, tell her you like that about her, build her up. It shouldn’t be about how she fits your fetish, just about you and her. She’s got a brain, she’ll understand what you like, but avoid the general and keep it about the two of you.


Well said, brother! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Letting her know that you like them for who they are first is required. Telling them that you have a fat kink could go poorly or very well it depends on the person. You should have the best idea on how she will react to it. Making sure she doesn’t see it as she needs to be heavy for you to like her is important. So saying “hey can i tell you something personal” and explaining what you got but that it is not important to your relationship to her would be (what I think) the best option. Unless you think she will take it poorly. In the end it is up to you. Truth and understand who you are and letting others know who you are is important. I have told several people about mine and they don’t seem to mind. Good luck to you and Happy Birthday.

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