Hey I'm Myaggic

Joining here because I feel like it.

I’m Myaggic, I’m primarily known for doing 3D artwork and making fatfur avatars in VRChat. Ironically enough I’ve only taken one class in 3D graphics, I’ve got a degree in CS. Hoping one day I’ll put my skills to use and make a game, but for now making fat 3D animals is good enough. Also I really like bellies.

Basically all my stuff’s on twitter, if you wanna check me out: https://twitter.com/Myaggic

Mostly here to hang out and see what sort of stuff people are up to, maybe gather inspiration for my own projects. See you around.


Good to see you here! I hope you are inspired from what people here have to show for sure!


Hey, I’ve talked to you before!
Good to see you again!

great to see you here! hope things have been treating you well so far!

funny dragon man, good to see you!

Nice to see a familiar name here now <3

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