Hey, I'm Valrvn

I’m an artist (digital 2D and 3D modelling) who’s recently gotten into making twine games (sugarcube). My main kink is preg, but I also enjoy weight gain (really most belly related kinks to some degree). I’ve started making a text rpg with preg, inflation, blueberry, and maybe some vore- but mainly weight gain content. Thought I’d make an account to look for tips from people who are deeper into the kink than I am (I do not understand the biology of how people gain weight, I just know it’s hot when they do.)


Welcome aboard, Valrvn! Belly lovers of all kinds are welcome here!

Hopefully we’ll see a thread for your upcoming project posted in the near future, but until then please be welcomed!

Welcome! Can’t wait to see what you’re cooking up!

Glad you have you here!