Hey peeps, you guys want to talk about a hypothetical

So then, lets get into this hypothetical. So, you find out that your significant other wants to gain weight, for sexual reasons. Blah, blah, blah, for broad questioning I’m not going to be specific, but they want to gain weight. The problem is that it is that her target weight is extremely unhealthy. Would you try and convince them or go with the flow.

This is not a real life question, just want to see what you’d do

I am currently gaining, the goal being 120 kilos. I personally would never want to be disabled from my weight.

I would recommend suggesting a mid goal like that, that is healthy enough to not have heart problems, with regular excercise and all and reevaluating what things are from there.

Remember, weight does not come from fast food only, it is an increase in everything your body needs. Not FAT, but EXCESS.
If your body breaks down because of something missing, you will die before even gaining 10 kilos.


People tend to forget it takes a long time to change body mass, with drastic deltas needing a whole change of mindset and habits to support it. We tend to take this for granted as realistic weight gain probably wouldn’t make for a good game, so we dip into fantastical gaining rates.

Given the amount of time it would take to reach an implausibly high weight goal, my advice would be just to take it as it comes and enjoy the moment. Over time, people can have a change of heart and reconsider things.

If you both enjoy the gain and are taking it slow then you may find yourself reaching a comfortable plateau in which you find yourself both happy to reside in (with the option to always continue in your backpocket); if you both decide to go hard at it, then there may be gentler alternatives to explore and have fun with, say bloating or non-fattening stuffing, over gaining outright.

Make it about the journey as much as the destination!


I agree with Alex on this one, taking it slow and enjoying the experience will make you and said girlfriend relationship much better and i think this might be helpful but make sure you try and plan this a bit.

And what i mean by that is find a general weight she wants to reach since you are likely to go over or just under any strict target goal, getting clothes a few sizes/ several sizes bigger than her current measurements save alot of money and clothes shopping…

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The people who go really big and want to stay that way for a long while are cognizant of their health, though they accept the extra risk as a trade-off for a body they’re happier in and sexual gratification. I’ve heard that strength training and a balanced diet are very important things for maintaining your health while gaining so I’d want to know that they’d at least given it thought.

I’d also recommend that they try what Dr. Feeder calls an “experimental gain”. From his website: “Gain ten to twenty pounds to see how you like it, then decide whether you want to gain more or lose the weight. Some people report that they feel less conflicted about gaining the more they actually gain. They find they enjoy it more than they thought, and the downsides aren’t as severe as they feared. Of course, there’s no guarantee it will be that way for you.”

At the end of the day, it’s their body and their decision, but as their partner you still have a right to voice your concerns as the actions of one person affect everyone in a relationship. If it’s something the two of you can’t get past and neither one wants to back down from their position, then the relationship probably isn’t going to work out.


I would go over the pros and cons including ways to mitigate the cons, then ask if this is truly what she wants
Then I’d start helping her research a diet plan and exercise routine if she said yes, I’d probably reference the sumo lifestyle since they are pretty healthy even with the additional weight
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I would make them ass fat as possible, while still being mobile. If they can still get up, walk around, do what they need to do, then it’s all good to me.

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