Hey there WG, it's me, ya boy Leftie

Hello there ! I made a very long intro because I don’t know how to make a short one.

It feels pretty weird to introduce myself in a fetish-oriented community, so please be patient with me.

I’m Leftie, and I stumbled upon this glorious website something like a week ago. I basically lurked everyday, reading topics after topics, shamelessly downloading games after games, laughing to funny people on the internet saying funny things in funny (sexy?) topics, getting even more hyped for some porjects than actual AAA games. And I must say, for a fetish-based community, y’all are awesome.

To be perfectly honest, I’m not really attracted to WG at first, It’s not my “main” fetish (I’m more of a breast-man myself, another type of culture you could say). But I do enjoy it, and when it comes to games revolving around it I must say that a lot of you are really talented.

What really motivated me to make an account was in fact the community, y’all seem really great to hang out with and I would love to come around more often and help with some projects, although I’m not a coder or an artist by any means. I tried several times to write stories or IF, but since Shakespeare’s language isn’t my native one, I’m not very confident with my grammar. And since I’m mostly revolving around BE, I’m not sure if it would really correspond to this community. I’m willing to integrate though, and to lend a hand if I manage to learn some useful skills.

On a more personal note, I have to say that I am a huge history nerd, and I play far too much grand strategy games for my own sake. HoI4, CK2, Stellaris, the Total War games, you name it. I also play Dark Souls 3 (I don’t know why, I just do), Rimworld, Civs, and the occasional Tabletop RPG (I don’t have a stable group as of now and I’m curious to try a fetish-based adventure, wink wink).

I actually tried to work on mods for HoI4 (nothing much, just tried to replace portraits really), and I’d be down trying again, maybe with a more “fleshed out” project (although tbh I think CK2 or even CK3 might be a better platform for an actual wg mod).

Anyway I ranted for far too long already, but I think I said everything I needed to introduce myself.

TL;DR: I’m a nerd fan of complicated games who likes boobs but also bellies&butts if the game they’re in is good, and damn a lot of games around here are cool.
Keep on gaining friends !


Hey there, it’s ya boy XD

Nice. Good to have you around. I, too, have notice how welcoming and friendly this particular community is and I don’t feel uncomfortable unloading my preferences. It’s a weird thing to talk about in a general conversation, but with this community it is completely okay and even welcomed!

I hope you find your place here and make some great friends like I have!

Greetings! Hope you will have fun staying over here. Btw there is a mod for CK2, wg one, to be honest.

I tried to play it actually ! I didn’t had the occasion to play much, but it looks pretty good, and the guy who makes it seems ambitious.

Wait … what? I honestly would never have guessed you weren’t a native English speaker from that introduction. Unless you sweated hours on writing it, you should have every confidence writing stories or IF in English.

I’m glad you are finding us all to be a good bunch to hang around with. I wouldn’t worry about WG not being your primary fetish; to be honest it is only one of mine too.

I’m assuming “HoI” is Hearts of Iron, and not Human Occupied Landfill (stupid forum font can’t distinguish I and l) in this context! Thanks to Google, I’m now curious about the second.

Thanks ^^ It took me like thirty minutes to write it actually ! But yeah, I’ve always been very insecure with my English, and the occasional writer’s block doesn’t help.
And yes, I’m talking about Hearts of Iron. Played it far too much during quarantine. Tried to make a German High Sea fleet. Needless to say, it got Churchill’d.

I’m gonna be honest with you dude, English is not my first language either, so I’m really impressed you only took 30 minute the long intro. If I were to write an introduction for myself with all the info you wrote… I would have taken almost an hour, probably more. I wrote ‘on the go’ for a reason, that way I can write more because planning things to write would take me a lot

Welcome! Happy to see you enjoy so many projects here. And no worries if weight gain is not your main fetish. We support all types of games and expansion based fetishes here so no shame being into something other than weight gain!

Welcome to the site! I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention this, but my intro was way longer, and somewhat-recent. Sorry if you ever have trouble with the language barrier, as an aside. You pegged us right, though: I don’t tend to like including myself, but everyone here has proven to be very welcoming, and I’ve loved it here.

Honestly, I doubt anyone’ll challenge you for favoring a different one of “The 3 B’s”. It’s just natural. We’re all different, why would that be a problem?

And as to the rest: Fellow gaming nerd here! I love that stuff. though turn-based RPG’s are my stock and trade. I’m not very computer-literate, and I’m not a great artist, but I’m an aspiring fiction writer, so hey, maybe that’ll be a thing. In any case, I’m talking too much. See you around the forums, and have fun!

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