Hey there.

I’m Che (pronounced shay). Glad to see this place popped up. I’ve been a gaming and gaining guy for a while, and lately I’ve been very much interested in choose-your-own-adventure style romps that feature fattening fun. I’m also a fan of alliteration. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve also been a part-time furry (well, like a furry intern, really) for a bit. My fursona is a catboy. One game that I can recommend, if you’re into both scenes, is this text game by noone: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/13353103/ It’s not being developed anymore, but it’s pretty much a complete game. Small, medieval fantasy adventure game that focuses on a lot of non-sexual fattening. Well-rounded (hee) and seems to be bug free, so it’s worth a few hours of play.

I look forward to playing some of these cool games. :3


Welcome! Furry content is obviously welcome here (I might be a touch biased), so I’m sure you’ll make a good addition to the forums.

As to Noone’s game, I really need to complete the list of games on here (been a bit spread thin lately). His is probably one of the best known, but it still should probably be listed with the others.