Heya there, Just some strange person here

Erm Heya, Ignore this if you want to.

Refer to me as anything you want but I prefer to be called ‘Strange Nova’ or simply ‘Nova’.

Usually I don’t know what to put but I will put basic information here:
I’m originally an lurker here but decided to make a account who’s extremely awkward.
I really like Slime Inflation, Chubby Girls, Weight Gain and Blueberry Inflation. It’ll be nice if you simply reply to this post but I’m not forcing you to reply.

I also like art and I do art although my art style is developing so yeah, basic stuff really.

Hope we can get along here.


This hound welcomes you to the madness

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Heyy, Nova! Welcome to the site and I hope you have a nice stay

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Hey Nova, Welcome! Slimes are great :love_letter: