Heya! This lurker has finaly Gained an account!

I recently started work on a Visual Novel/RPG/Casual Bullet hell game with WG elements. I am an artist by day, but wanting to up my Coding/Game making skills at night. While there are many amazing text based games out there, I wanted to make an rpg focusing more on modifiable characters with detailed visuals to match. A rough story is complete and a live2d character proof of concept. Content in the game so far will include: Sci-Fi Fantasy elements, Transformation, WG, Expansion, Furry & Large assets.

Currently in the process of hitting my head on the table until some C# knowledge makes it’s way in. I’ll make a more detailed project post once a few more things are in order.
Nice to meet you all!
And feel free to ask if you have any questioned about the game.

Some of my work:




is it wrong to gag at head

Welcome, it’s nice to have you here. Your game sounds interesting I look forward to your post about it. More games with nice visuals sign me up :wink:. Good luck with your project I’m sure if you run into any issues there are plenty of individuals here or on the discord that would be able to offer help or advice.

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In a good or bad way? haha
Either is totally understandable

Thanks for the warm welcome!

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idk, segs was not my cup of tea

Wow, officially welcome to the community! Your art is absolutely amazing, I can’t wait to see what someone of your caliber comes up with! I’m not into RPGs much, but I admit you caught my attention

Do you have any socials where we can follow you for progress on the game or even your art?


Really hope this turns into a long term project.
Not much socials yet, still quite new to the more adult scene. I have a twitter where I take requests. Just a heads up though the subject matter is quite varied at the moment since they are requests.


I’ll probs be posting updates here and on twitter in the future :+1:

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Reads title*

Oh… i saw what you did there…

Welcome, i wish ya good luck with your project

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welcome, it’s always nice to see another artist and see their style on WG, do you happen to have DA account also by chance?

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Just twitter for now soz. Will make a few more socials once I can get more consistent with twitter

So is this project you’re working on going to be male and female weight gain or only female?

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Both for sure! Although the earlier builds will be female.

That’s good even if the earlier builds are only female having both gender options is always good to have in a game in my opinion.