Hi, first timer here. Occupation(s): Gamer, Musicker, Fat Scrutinizer

Hey, my name is Bed Jam. I’ve had this name in my head for a while as like a band name of sorts. Originally I thought of it because I make music in my bedroom, but recently that took on a more immature meaning when I brought it up to my co-workers. I’ve lurked around this community as a whole for a while since I stumbled across this fetish by accident initially and sort of went on from then (I never went deeper than deviantart groups/twitter though). Before thinking that now was an good time for me to join, I’ve seen some memes, read comics, heard a couple of songs (I swear there was a ukulele one somewhere that I cannot find any more), and most importantly played some games (namely the lachevite games and Some Bullshit but still haven’t finished it).

With that out of the way, here’s the prime cut meat and buttery potatoes of this intro: I love women. Voluptuous vixens that come in’t pub an’ harbour a stare from the gentlemans of the bar. I love the gains, the chub and most of all I enjoy the softness and the people who do their due diligence of keeping their fair maiden’s body under protection. Also chunky lads are pretty cool as well.

To end off here’s more into my gaming/music cred. I love Nintendo games, platformers and shooters and I have completed a few of the mario games and finished all the M&L games. I got into modding the modding scene of games through the A Hat in Time discord server with someone making a mod of Cave Story. I played “Aqua Barrier” before I played Cave Story and then got into playing shit tons of them in the server, critiquing them and giving my best feedback and making great friends there. It is there where I started using OrgMaker, the music software used for Cave Story’s soundtrack. Here is a zip folder of tracks I’ve finished over my time using it after two years (named “orgs” after their specific file type:

Tracks.zip (12.4 KB)
(believe me I have so much unfinished material it pains me)

Here’s a link to the official website Cave Story Tribute Site to download Orgmaker to play them. Trust me it’s a pain, but it was either this or converting them to MP3 files doing that was bollocks.

My music taste has veered from video game music all the way to ambient, rock, jazz, j-pop electronic, breakcore and pop in the last 6 years. Recently I’ve been getting into FL Studio which I think is for the better. I own a 4 year old keyboard, a 2 year old bass guitar, a piss-old acoustic guitar, an alto ukulele, a harmonica, and a kalimba (I sing too!). I’ve bought some mid-range music gear so I can start using these to make live-ish music in the software as well. I am certainly not a professional, I very much enjoy what I do when I’m in my stride. With that said, I do want to make music for people here since as funny as it was listening to “You’re The Best” by Joe “Bean” Esposito in Some Bullshit, original music is integral to cementing gaming experiences. Basically you guys’ll be getting bargain bin originals from me, but think of it this way: You reap what you sow!

TL;DR, I am a fella named Bed Jam. I play video games, I make amateur music, my namesake is based on bedroom music and cum, and I like weight gain content.

P.S I’m British.


nice name ( probably ) human

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Welcome aboard, Bed Jam! I’ll be honest that my first thought on the name was the amateur music angle so that probably says a bit about your colleagues! First time I’ve heard it referred to as “bed jam”, haha.

I think you are in good company in relation to your other interests so you’ll fit in just fine. You’ve joined us at an exciting time at the start of our annual game jam (“Gain Jam”) contest, so stick around for the great games coming down the pipeline soon!

Musicians are not all that common so if you advertise, either here or over on Discord, there may be a Gain Jam team willing to rope you in if you’re willing!

Either way, enjoy the jam and your stay here!

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Welcome aboard! I just so happen to also be pretty new AND a musician as well. Hope you enjoy your time here!

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