Hi! Hello! Uh..

hi there!

Being horrible at introductions aside, I’m Influence_Z, no idea why I chose the name, but it’s what I’m working with now.
Feel free to call me Influence… or Z… or both, or… well, anything else really, I’m not really stuck to a name, just make sure I know you’re talking to me ;3

Been lurking here for a while now, and now I’m here!
Mostly here to just have some fun, am planning to make a game in a while and see how that goes, but I’ll make sure to make a seperate post when that ever comes to pass

Feel free to ask any questions you’d like to ask and make up for me not knowing what to tell from the get-go!
I’ll see y’all around sometime~


Welcome aboard, Z! Here’s hoping you’ll find what’s needed here to see your ideas come to fruition! :+1:

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Hello Z glad to have you with us fellow lurker.

You seem like a really chill person Z.

Welcome to weight gaming, enjoy your stay!

Welcome! Happy to have you here with us and I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

Thank you for the welcomes everyone!~

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