hi hi hello :3

hi hi ! im mia :3 ive lurked ages here but i finally decided to make an account :3 i probably wont be too incredibly active because college exists but im looking forward to talking to people and other stuff !!! also im totes open to making new friends and stuff. (also get used to it i use every emoticon ever ☆*: .。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆)
oh yeah here are some things about me ! i love death metal! i am obsessed with hatsune miku ! i love horror movies :3 i am the most generic emo ever :3 thank you for reading <3 love ya
(edit cuz im a dummy) i mostly likely belly stuffing and just soft and squishy people. im pretty vanilla in terms of weight gain fetishism but ive got a whole plethora of other fetishes %ᵕ‿‿ᵕ%


Metal and horror movies? Good combination!

hehe hell yeah! i could ramble about both for hours (─‿‿─)

Well hello mia and welcome, gosh what an energy you’ve got I loved it :laughing:. despite horror movies are kinda repetitive to me I can agree with death metal, very interesting taste you have never seen someone with such a taste. as you can see I’m a regular, i spend ages on this forum rather than studying LOL. ( university is sucks I’m gonna die “screaming for help” :smiling_face_with_tear:). ( English isn’t my native language as you might notice, if not that’s refreshing seems like my time studying English has done something).

i totally get the repetitiveness yeah. and dont worry! english is my first language but i forgot how to speak half of the time. but i believe in you! you got this (✿◠‿◠)

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Here’s something that mixes Vocaloid and weight gain, if you hadn’t already seen it:

And as a companion:



oh um coolio! ill check it out eventually . thank you ! :3

Ah, forgot to mention, it has male weight gain in it, however Hatsune Miku is involved in the “Architect Lifestyle” kind of way.