Hi, i am new in the community

Hello everyone.
I discovered this site by chance and find it very interesting.

As the title says, I’m new to this community and don’t know anyone yet :wink:… I’ve always liked fat girls and weight gain for a long time and I’d like your advice on how to best integrate into this wonderful community. :grinning:

Thanks a lot!!


Welcome to the community :slight_smile:


Welcome! A few ideas for how to integrate into Weight Gaming:
–Comment on other people’s games, especially when you like them! It’s a small community, so any feedback you can give is huge
–Be cool when you make your comments. You don’t have to fake enthusiam or anything, but remember you are talking to solo devs and small teams, not giant faceless companies. Same goes for the owners and mods of this forum
–Use the tagging system, both when making your own threads and searching for games you wanna play
–Make your own games and post about them in “Projects”
–If you have the means, comfort, and safety to do so, throw a couple bucks toward some project you like


Couldn’t have said it better myself!

Welcome @feederismlover ! Do feel free to check out our Community Guidelines for an indication of our Dos and Don’ts. Other than that though, please freely comment, contribute and chill as you desire!