Hi, i'm Dohovocom, and I'm here to introduce myself to the forum

You may remember me from such works as: “that one belly mod that fetish master has”…

So yeah I’m the guy who made (and is still working on) that one belly mod for the simulation game Fetishmaster. If my mods don’t appeal to you particular fetish, I’m sorry. I mainly make the mod for my own enjoyment and my fetish is primarily related to bellies so that’s what i usually focus on that kind of content. Though if there is a somewhat related fetish (or related to expansion of other body parts, weight gain, stuffing) you can ask and I can see what i can do if I’m not too busy. No promises though.

Feel free to ask me anything.

I also post updates and things on my DA: dohavocom.deviantart.com and I keep track of stuff on the main fetish master blog http://fm-dev.blogspot.com/