Hi, I'm Feed (how was this username not taken!?)

Hi everyone, I’m Feed, really glad to be here! I’m a guy in his late 20’s from the UK. I’m a feeder/sometimes feedee, and a big PC gamer. I’m also a software dev, but mostly web based stuff, so not sure how much I will be able to contribute game wise. Thinking/hoping I’ll be a good fit round here, and look forward to chatting to you all. Cheers!

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome :smiley:


Heh. I think it’s just a matter of it being too obvious. But it also helps that you apply it in both contexts; most of us only give or take. It helps that it’s also a computer term, making it a pun.

Anyway, welcome. I’m close in years, but we’re an ocean apart. And don’t worry about fitting in. The community is friendly. I’m just the first one to arrive to the welcoming party (I should actually be sleeping at the time of this post, oops)

Yeah I was quite pleased how well it works on multiple levels. Thank you for the warm welcome :grinning:

Hey, nice to “meet” you, hope you find this place as welcoming enough, even though this place is mostly surrounded around kinks/games and whatever, you can always find time to discuss other stuff on here, pretty good community.

You could do let’s plays of games on this site or at least this hound thinks so

Welcome! Happy to have another fellow dev here with us! And do not underestimate web dev, some common engines make use of some front end web tech so might be more useful then you might think.