Hi, i'm Manuel


I’m Manuel from Germany (I’m a boy ^^)

Got more and more into gaming the past months, before i was mostly into fitness (it changed my body a lot, and i still workout every day)


@Manu-3m0 Welcome :slight_smile: Hope you enjoy it here!


If it’s not too much to ask how did you get into gaming?


Hi ^^ yaah it’s np to ask :slight_smile:

Basically it was the lockdown/covid, like i played before (mostly minecraft @ pc and i have a switch since 2 years) just a few hours per week, it really depended on what friends were doing there were also weeks without any gaming ^^

Now it’s more like at least 2-3 hours per day
So most of my days are: School (it’s online only rn) 4-5h, homework 1h, workout 1-2h (depends on the day/part) and the remaining day is like gaming or watching stuff @ yt / netflix, or talking with friends in discord

Right now i play Rage (the 2011 game, ive got the key from a friend xD)

So it’s not that i haven’t played before, it was just something i did sometimes but not as my main hobby (it had no prio before)

And it’s fine to ask me anything ^^

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Well that does add another question how did you get into games about gaining weight and do you like weight gain in men or women or both?

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Games tbh idk yet ^^

and Both ^^

and it’s like for me personally also about adding more muscles/mass in general
Like Idk it’s pushing me a lot what i did to my body

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Do you mean like muscle gut or something else?

Welcome! Happy to have you here with us!