Hi, my name is Everest

Hi guys Im new here and my name is Everest and I hope to get attention bc I have no friends.(P.s. I love everything on here)


Welcome to the site
(Stupid minimum character limit)


Thank you this is really appreciative

Don’t worry. This is a pretty friendly site


Yes it is bc I can tell

Welcome to uh… here


To repeat everything you’ve already seen and heard that’s good about this site, in a completely redundant and unnecessary manner (it’s a bad habit of mine; just wanted to point it out, right out of the gate!): Welcome. The community here is pretty friendly, and the atmosphere is relaxed. If you’re cool with everyone else, they’ll be the same with you. If only life was like that outside of certain parts of the internet…Anyway. Positives again. Plenty of great resources and topics. If you just keep your eyes open, you’ll get places, and fast. I mean and fat. No wait…Was I right the first time, or…? :wink:


Thank you, man it feels so good to finally get attention bc I barely get any good attention at all,I get bad attention.

I’m thankful for the good and sorry for the bad. If you need to chat, just message me. Just please keep real world stuff, like your actual name, names of people around you, and your age, out of it. I don’t want to be an internet stalker, and I know it’s wrong to share that kinda stuff, too. I’m a reasonable enough guy, so if you want to talk, just to talk, I can hear you out. I’m sure others will offer similar as you go. It may not be what this site is intended for, but it’s a community. We should support each other.

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Thank you, its nice that some people are thankful and sorry at the same time, for the good and bad

Welcome! Happy to have you here with us!

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You’re in a safe place. Maybe one day we’ll consider each other friends. In the mean time, good to make your acquaintance! This site is great, and friendly. If you want to have a private conversation, just send me a message. I’m sure anyone would do the same, among our new peers.

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welcome to the site
im the newest guy here
hope ya find some fun games around here like me