Hi there, been posting for quite a while now. SexyFatGirlRenders

This is my first time trying to pose a tongue, out, up, over, looks a bit derpy but I think serviceable, probably the derp factor would be less noticeable if zoomed out.

These files are too big to upload here, I can make low filesize webp’s of them, but this forum doesn’t support webp’s dang.

I’m working up to more NSFW content I guess. I think this angle is pretty good. Not gonna rerender everything just choose the best shots for this treatment.

This was a request for someone on dA

This is beyond the limit in terms of maximum fatness and my skill level for a render. Her belly is clipping through her leg. If she was standing up this wouldn’t happen.

I have some ideas on how to fix this. But I won’t be able to make someone to fat in a game with this sort of technical flaw in the renders. I might make super fat side characters who can’t sit down, and have the main love interest limited in size. We’ll have to see. I need to stop studying renders though so I can write some code for things like custom screens in ren’py. It’s tough though because renders are fun.

Notes about this render for myself, just to reduce the odds I forget these things: Refraction 0 for sunglasses and glossy 0 for non-reflection IOR controls glass thickness and cannot go below 1.0 so an IOR of 1.0 might help remove distortion from the hdri in the lens of the glasses, which is still bothering me and no one else.
Also, for a belly this large I might want to disengaged the maximum limit on pelvis bend so I can do a negative pelvis bend past -25

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In my personal experience, even “professional” visual novels do this. I’ve seen several “pay real money for this” games from Japan using photos (oftentimes manipulated with some photo-editing software - such as this thing - to look more like whatever the VN characters look like) as backgrounds.

I’d argue that if the people who sell their products in the actual marketplace do this, you can too. Though I’d agree that passing it through a filter or something to make it better resemble the foreground characters/props is a good plan.