Hi there, been posting for quite a while now. SexyFatGirlRenders

The code now uses python to dynamically create a dictionary of sounds assuming they’re sorted by type in folders, so no more copy pasting gigantic filenames. Fake blank files can be made to create automatic partial playback in the dictionary.

I need suggestions on sounds to search free sound clip sites for. Right now the game supports:


Any other categories spring to mind? They have to be a short 1-4 second sound you’d want to hear in the game, and that I might be able to find on popular free sound clip websites?

Also here, take a WIP from something non-game related I’m doing just so I have something to render while I’m working on the game features.

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You can also use fabricrippingsound/clothrippingnoise.
That’s if you plan on showing clothes that’ll get ripped due to getting very tight.

I’ve also found most of what you mentioned for free in Pixabay website (free and with good quality); but you probably gonna need to cut them down if you just want 1-4 seconds audio, cause some of them are longer that 10 to 120 seconds :grimacing:

Here’s a link for fabricrippingsound so you can get the idea

Yeah, categories I already listed I found at least one sound for on sites like pixabay. I’m surprised fabric ripping has so many sounds. Thanks though, I’ll check those fabric ripping sounds out. It might help me when I fail to render a ripped fabric effect satisfactorily I can write it into the script and use the sound and leave the unripped clothing on screen. Then show next the removed clothing. Without the sound clip to bridge the readers imagination I might not want to include that in the script.

Also ren’py can play sound effects for particular seconds only. So you can have like 4 different 2-8 second segments cherry picked from the same sound file. A lot of the sound files have a bunch of variations in the same file. So I’ve got things setup like that currently.

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So, the paper stats screen is maybe a bad idea, maybe a good one. But I think maybe for the toolbar overlay at the top of the screen paper could look good.

It is at least more interesting than text on plain black background.

I also found the code references in the manual for drag and drop. So, I’m wondering, drag and drop food UI for feeding minigame {similar to feed my affection}? Or normal clicking for feeding. Either way I plan to add a system whereby you can order food for a female love interest on a date. It’s just a matter of, do you want to have to work harder with your hand on the mouse to make it happen? Is that immersive and engaging? Or would you rather your choices occur with the minimum of fuss/clicking. Obviously adding code for a drag and drop system is more work for me, but it’s not a lot of extra work if it’s super popular. Personally myself though I don’t particularly like any fuss or minigames in my VNs, I want to read, make choices, and see images. In theory I might like a minigame, but they’re almost all bad. Although @Tonbelly 's minigame is the best I’ve ever seen. Trying to implement a similar system using my own code and my own 3d rendered images… could easily result in a far inferior version. Whereas I know a basic choice menu is something I can’t mess up.


Hey there!

I do think there is something more engaging about the simple act of drag and drop, which is why I did it that way. Ren’Py’s drag and drop system is also fairly straightforward to use once you know what you’re doing too. It’s been a while since I implemented mine, but I think most of the trouble I had was actually with making appetite/capacity bars that changed colour, which I wouldn’t recommend (unless you know much better way than I do of doing that).

You’re more than welcome to have a look my feeding.rpy and repurpose any code you like, although it’s not perfect. :sweat_smile:

I am actually going to be scrapping most of it, I think, because I have just been working on an inventory system that isn’t exactly compatible with it. But Ren’Py’s drag and drop is much easier to implement than this inventory system.

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Thanks. Yeah, Drag and Drop — Ren'Py Documentation is pretty straightforward.

I think the best way to make a bar that changes colors is to make a several bars that don’t change colors, then have a variable you can use with if
statements to make it so only one bar appears at a time.

Unrelated to what tonbelly said back on the topic of more types of sounds I need/want. I just realized a female laughing sound effect could be nice. The sound clips don’t have to be weight fetish related. I’ll need several normal sound clips to go along with them.

The current list of sound effect categories atm is:

drawer crinkle zipper strawempty hungrygrowl gulp eating belch clothingrip femalelaughs femalemoans femaleoutofbreath sexclap(mightrename) tastesgoodmmm, femalesigh, exasperated, femalesneeze

It’s a pretty okay list for fetish sound effects but I probably need some more every day sound effects that I can’t think of off the top of my head.

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Okay so I have now coded it so that dynamically at run time a database of sound files is created. Then whenever a main female character says words or the script includes in her line things like burp or gurgle it will automatically play a 1-4 second sound clip that’s appropriate. I plan to give all women the same voice because they’ll never say more than 1or2 words anyways.

This is the series of lists and dictionaries that makes it work.

The only thing I need help with potentially is filling out the synonym dictionary.

I need synonyms for the things in the screenshot as well as this list of folders signifying sound types:

“boing bouncey effect noise”,“slaps could be used for a smack on the butt”,“whatthebleep”,“boobclap”, “hungrygrowl”,“gulp”,“belch”,“what’s happening”,“femaleuhh”,“whatthe”,“shirtripsbuttonspop”

TL;DR Things listed here are sounds that I already have, most of them from freesounds.org I would gladly add new types of sounds, but of course I have to find suitable files first. But what you guys could do, is help me think of alternate word synonyms that should automatically trigger a sound on the list of sounds I already have :stuck_out_tongue:

Code is freely available to anyone who wants to see it, although I’m not sure if I have the skill to explain it. EDIT: to be clear I haven’t posted it anywhere yet because it’s an early alpha prototype still being made, but if someone was curious I’d gladly share a copy upon request.

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No renders this week because I’m writing.
NSFW text


Special thanks to @dingotush for your expertise. Having {w} added back into my toolkit feels like a relief.

ai retouches of older renders

AI art, it kind of sucks, but everyone loves it?! huh? I did links instead of posting the images directly here because by following the links you can compare to the original renders.

Thanks @Bladerune9 for showing me how to get started.


Talking head that is ugly and uncanny and almost everyone hates (video gif)

Or same concept but a still image at 5times the quality because it’s just a still image not an animation with moving lips and 40frames. (the image.)

I was very gungho to have a talking head clip once I learned it was possible. It seemed modern and advanced, but I think I just don’t have the skill to do it, and maybe it’s just ugly. Originally the talking animation looped once EVERY time she said anything. Now it just loops once every so often… but maybe if it’s distracting and ugly I should just remove the animated bit entirely forever? She is animated only twice in the entire gif, and that’s the animation I’m asking about. (You have to watch through the other bits to see the brief animation of the side head on the left.)

TL;DR talking heads weren’t as popular as I hoped, but I realized, if I removed animation from the side head entirely, I could just create a higher quality still image. But even then, maybe people just hate side heads in general?

So there’s actually a third option.

  • Janky side animation (maybe I can improve it a little.) Or instead of talking I can do like a blink once every few seconds?
  • Keep the side head as a high quality small still image. If I don’t need to render a 40 frame animation that loops through neutral pose, well, I can make an image that’s about 500% as good! Is this image good? Do people like it?
  • Secret option I forgot last time. Remove side heads entirely. Why have them? The name of the npc speaking appears in text near the center of the screen anyways.

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I cranked on the subd lever hard :slight_smile: Enjoy some pores.

Image too high a filesize for uploading to forum.


Looking for a way to make skin interesting in daz3d without making it shiny. Most daz3d characters don’t come with micronormal detail, but most can be altered to include it. Sorry I tried to post the image here, but the details vanished. The filesize restrictions are too tight, which makes sense, this isn’t an image gallery website. I’ll repeat the explaination from dA here though.

Left: base figure uberiray shader.

Middle: pbrskin shader copied onto the figure on the left. then the texture files for pbrskin use the base figures textures when applicable and for new features of pbrskin like detail weight or micro normals getting them from a more modern figure.

Right: same as the middle only I doubled detail weight, cranked micronormal detail by 1000% and turned top coat back on (although I think that last one was irrelevelt.)

Now obviously 1000% micronormal skin looks a bit weird, but I think something between middle and right looks best? Anyone else have a thought?

Keep in mind I only did all this messing about with the face, that’s why the middle and right have a non-matching body (they’re using a stock pbrskin body skin surface), because I was just testing the face, I could repeat the steps for the rest of the body, if it was worthwhile.

Oh also left and middle both have a couple glitches. The forehead black spot and the whites of the eyes having black rings. I fixed that for the third render. Those issues are totally unrelated to the skin shader or the skin details. I was just too lazy to redo the first two renders when so little would change.

I think the middle looks best. The right face looks like she has a crease on the left side of her face because the side of her head is brighter. The freckles keep me from noticing pretty much anything else. Maybe I’ve forgotten what pores are supposed to look like? If you’re trying to avoid a flat, plastic, shiny look I think you’ve already done that.

In order to see the effect you need to open the link on deviantart click the image to make it zoom to the full image. If you look at the nose in this view it’s very noticeable.

Although in the right image at 1000% it looks more like an effect for the surface of mercury than pores.

The freckles sort of ruin the experiment, but this freckles girl doesn’t have pbrskin material. The girl I’ve rendered the most? chelsea? her asset pack includes a pbrmaterial to begin with. I had to staple one together from another figure for freckles girl, and it’s that stapling together I wanted to learn/test most of all.

TL;DR the pbrskin looks great when a professional makes it and sells it, but I’m less sure it looks worthwhile when I mix and match it onto another girl who lacks that feature.

This is the effect at uh, 400% instead of 1000% (or is this 200% I forget and it’s mid-cooking so I can’t check right now.) Although I got side tracked playing with colored lights, the micronormal detail is specifically the like craggy polygons mottled all over the skin.

It’s in theory one of the main features of the upgrades to gen8.1, but most gen8.1 assets not made by daz themselves don’t include it.
Of course this girl is one such girl that doesn’t include it. But I added it in from one that did.

One issue though is that the lips don’t fit, I cut corners and didn’t include the lips in the upgrade to the newer shader.

I was lazy, but also, the new shader won’t accept the old content’s smart content easy click apply lipstick. Although that’s just an order of operations. Once I choose a favorite lipstick I can always move it to the newer shader. But easily changing someone’s lipstick is one of the things daz3d does well.

Mix and match one click alterations of every detail is daz3d’s strongsuit. Everything else is it’s weak suit :slight_smile:

edit: It finished overcooking while I was afk, the extra 12hours in the kettle didn’t change much at all, maybe the pupil a tiny bit 8k made the 4070ti cry. by SexyFatGirlRenders on DeviantArt

edit2: checked the scene and the micronormal is set to 2.0 not 4.0 (aka it’s 200%)


TL;DR Take the wrinkles from an old thin lady and use them on a young fat woman. Mission success. Usefulness for the future? Questionable.


Tried to import MMD/VMD to daz3d, was a bit of a failure, totally broke her shoulders out of the socket, doh.
Anyone got any experience with VMD retargeting addon in blender or diffeomorphic import/export tool blender/daz?

Aka anyone know how to help me slash fix this? Alternatively, maybe this VMD file just sucks, so anyone able to recommend a free VMD/MMD file/dance they like? I can run this test again and maybe it won’t break?

This is only 10% of the dance, I was just doing this as a test of the system. This is the lossless video version:

And a butchered gif version for twitter just so people can see what I mean about the shoulders braking out of the socket hilariously:

gif is over filesize limit, can’t host videos on forum

Kinda jank still. (This is a different song/dance. I actually tried to redo the one in the above post but failed to import it because the 7000 frames hung my computer a lot worse than 4000 frames did in this new song.)

Fat girls might just be bad at doing anime dances.
It’s quite a bit better with the sync’d audio, but the audio is probably copyright? Doesn’t matter much since I don’t know anywhere to upload a 20megabyte video clip anyways.

Hmm, are people fans of pregnant content on this forum? (I’ve been studying stretchmarks on pregnant bellys this week on deviantart/twitter) But I didn’t mirror here because it might be off topic.

Fat girl stretchmarks need a higher degree of subtley :smiley: