Hi there, been posting for quite a while now. SexyFatGirlRenders

YES. It goes with WG like jam on peanut butter.

There were like a dozen nearly identical renders on DeviantArt and paragraphs discussing the variation of settings and textures and how normal maps bump maps and displacement maps work :stuck_out_tongue:

Micro pressure morph for base figure included in clothing asset pack. Cranked it to 240% of maximum to turn that micro pressure into macro pressure :slight_smile:

Unfortunately pressure morphs can’t be converted between generations the way clothing can :frowning: And pressure morphs are sort of hard to find on the store, because a) the store can’t be searched properly and b) not everyone might call it pressure and c) almost no clothing packs seem to include this cool feature.


Okay, so, I’ve got a render I’m planning out, it’s going to be height shrinking related, that’s no issue, easy to do.

What I need to figure out is… frame of reference, where should she be in order to best ensure people can tell she has changed heights? living room? bedroom? bathroom? kitchen?

What is the #1 key prop that needs to be in the room? a door? a bed? the shower? the fridge? etc

edit: Well you’ve still got one more day to reply here, the 8hours of renderqueue test renders last night crashed :frowning:

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I think any of those can work, it especially helps if the figure is shown in scene next to them before shrinking to give a full understanding of height and perspective relative to the object. But worst case things that are more standardized in size like door frames, doors, beds, toilets, etc can still give a good idea even if not shown prior to shrinking.

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After the height to fat gif, which really was only a rough draft, someone asked me about gender swap, so I tried male to female to fat… it’s pretty awful, too much uncanny valley, too many flaws to zero in on any one thing to fix.

Feels like I need three of me in order to make any headway on any projects. I won’t post it though because I feel like TG isn’t on brand for me, and it didn’t turn out as good as I had hoped.

I want to try to figure out how to port all my favorite morphs from gen8 to gen9, without having to export an obj every single time I want to upgrade a specific set of dials for a character. I spent a couple weeks trying to make gen8 skin look as good as gen9 skin, on faces, and I think it’s just … easier to maybe not do it the way I was doing it.

I doubt anyone here knows a good guide for bulk migrating 100 morphs from gen8 to gen9. The best guide I’ve found focuses on moving a character rom gen8 to gen9, but without all my favorite morphs, after I’ve migrated that character tweaking them would be impossible, so that guide isn’t super useful, although it clearly implies that using fitclones and exporting obj’s and freezing ERCs and blah blah blah, it should be possible to get body morphs exported from gen8 to gen9 (maybe not head ones.)

TLDR: I don’t want to finalize a waifu design for a game in gen8, when I might be able to find someone to teach me how to migrate most of my stuff to gen9, which would be a better futureproof way of making a character I wanted to stick with (and continue to modify.)

This is good enough now.

I haven’t seen daz3d produce better results (from a technical standpoint, I could still improve creatively a LOT). So, I have nothing left to attempt to mimic. I wasn’t happy with any of my renders until now. I think from a technical fidelity standpoint this is as good as I can do with the tools I have. And any additional tools are a) too hard for me to learn or b) would take too much time to implement and thus make it impossible to make 1000 renders in 2 years (say zbrush or substance painter.) Further improvements will be in terms of artistic sense and creativity, rather than any additional raw horsepower or whatever.

For some reason I made two threads, the other one is more NSFW and includes nudity. This girl is topless so for more of her go see Trying to decide if I should generate any explicit content or not. - #23 by SexyFatGirlRenders

Or for the image in this post uncropped: Fat Chelsea New Look Side Portrait by SexyFatGirlRenders on DeviantArt

TLDR: If you reply now and make suggestions for visual designs for characters I might render them and/or make them a main character in my upcoming game. I have a list I want to do myself, but it’s pretty vague.

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check dA for details on what I was trying here

Sonsy stocky migrated from genesis 8 to genesis 9, face migration isn’t flawless, but body migration seems to be.

See my other thread for tits, or deviantart for notes+tits

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I’m still struggling to see much point in G9 to be honest. Maybe I’m a cynic, but it just feels like an opportunity to rehash and resell G8 products - most of which will more or less work anyway.

G9 is (another) wasted opportunity from DS. A few minor upgrades, but nothing remotely groundbreaking. If G10 takes a long as, and is as poor as G9, I think it’ll be the end for Daz. A few years from now and AI will blow anything they can do out of the water.

g9 sucks, but g9 skin is great, now, g9 skin is the same as g8.1 skin, BUT most g8.1 products are essentially lies and don’t include the new pbrskin that both gen8.1 and gen9 use.

I’ve tried to get the better skin shader to look good on older gen8 models, because if this were possible? That’d be the best possible solution.

This is my experiment porting gen 8.1 skin to gen8, it is easy to do, but it doesn’t look that great

My conclusion? g9 skin is just the fully featured version of g8.1 skin. The problem? g9 skin textures are not backwards compatible to g8 or g8.1 due to a whole new uvmap.

Remapping uvmaps from g9 to g8 is impossible. If someone came out with a product that could solve that remapping issue though? BLAMMO g9 would be 100% irrelevant imo, I agree with you.

But daz3d doesn’t want this to happen so they’re not gonna make the product (they already have similar products for ancient generations.)

BUT one thing that is working pretty well, since I am totally unable to backport g9 skin to g8, instead, I’m forward migrating EVERYTHING from g8 to g9. And it’s working pretty well. (Perfectly for bodies and moderately okay for faces.)

edit: Oh also fuck nipples and navels in g9, the daz3d devs made them HD-only, so that they both do not exist, and cannot be edited by 3rd party asset store releases, only trusted partners can sell HD morphs, and nipples and navels ONLY EXIST AT ALL in g9 in HD-mode. Also, almost all navel and nipple packs throughout the past decade have been made by 3rd parties. So, everyone who makes nipple and navel asset packs is being prevented from doing so in g9, for no reason, just to fuck everyone over (because the trusted daz partners who are allowed to sell nipple and navel HDmorph packs… can’t do it because of daz3d’s stance on porn/nudity/censorship.)

TLDR: g8.1 is what is making g9 worthless. g9 should’ve been released as g8.1 and worked like g8.1 then maybe people would’ve been okay with it. I literally believe that g9 is the list of features they wanted g8.1 to have but failed to get done in time. Very sad to see.
Daz3d could die in a few years if they can’t deliver on daz3d 5.0 before then.

Granted, if you’re doing very close-up work, or higher than HD work, G9 skins are pretty good.

Only problem is that if you’re doing stuff like that, it’s unlikely you’ll be using Daz stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn’t hold your breath for Studio 5.0. It’ll either take so long that nobody is interested any more, or it’ll be rushed and a bug-riddled pile of shit.

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This thread is designed to be SFW, so just go check out my dA for her whole body.


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Other angles/buttgrowth:


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UGGGGHHHHH I want to set my game in like modern suburbia… I’ve got nice assets for houses/offices/gym/restaurants/etc BUT I have nothing at all I can use so far to render a neighorhood, and I feel like without an establishing shot of a suburbian neighborhood the interior shots in various rooms in the house will suffer.

On the flip? There’s TONS of great assets out there for rendering a city block. But I’m not sure I want to set my game in new york city or whatever. I have more life experience with living outside of the big city.

TLDR: Go for apartments with nice city blocks, or go for a nice house that exists no where that is rendered, but maybe that doesn’t matter and no establishing shot is needed…

Alternate angles, alternate outfits, alternate lighting, alternate sizes:

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Does Kristen Wiig have any iconic outfits? from whatever media she’s most famous for being in? I can’t think of any off the top of my head.

Give a good answer get a render :stuck_out_tongue:

Very Very long rants about animation and such on my deviantart.
Ran out of time to customize her, so she’s not even chubby, oh well, this took me all day anyways.

I didn’t mean to make foot fetish art :stuck_out_tongue: I just ran out of patience not only before making her chubby but also before realizing that humans can wear shoes.


I couldn’t leave you hanging so here she is being fat.

The animation with her fat: Staircasefancytrackingshotcameratest5.Madeherfat.S - SexyFatGirlRenders's Sta.sh
The gif was gigantic, but the mp4 is only 9mb

EDIT: I upgraded the image in this post a tiny bit.

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