Trying to decide if I should generate any explicit content or not.

CW: force feeding themed sex dungeon content

She wishes on a cursed monkeys paw to lose weight. She loses weight by losing height. But she loses height so rapidly, and so little weight, she ends up turning into a positively spherical blob!

Click image to open as gif, it won’t play gifs in the forum without being clicked on it seems.

See Fat girl height expansion. Turning fat into height by SexyFatGirlRenders on DeviantArt for reverse

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The gif only plays once and stays on the short fat girl, even if you refresh the page, so I made it go backwards and repeat.

I have a looping version but I keep trying to upload it and getting an error, it’s only 4.5mb

No clue why. It can be uploaded to dA it seems Talltoshortweightlosswishfatnessdevilstrick.bathro - SexyFatGirlRenders's

edit: So uh, do people prefer looping gifs or play once gifs? Now, if the end of the gif is the same frame as the first frame, aka the gif was designed to loop? Then I 100% would always post the looping version, but I tend to find it jarring if it loops without reversing itself, hmm.

The problem with play-once gifs is that, unlike a video file, there isn’t an easy way to restart them on most people’s computers. On this page, for example, it’ll play once on Firefox and that’s it. Even if you refresh the page or open the image in a new tab, it will still open on the last frame unless you turn the browser on and off or something. I myself prefer GIFs that rewind after holding onto the last frame for a second or two, it makes the animation look fun and bouncy.

One problem I’ve having is that the forum simply won’t accept the upload, and then, looping or non-looping embedding the dA file seems to be buggy :frowning:

Although I just realized you’re right I could copy/paste duplicate images, then rename all the images in reverse order, and get the gif output you’re describing.

So Fat Chelsea Outdoor Shower Topless by SexyFatGirlRenders on DeviantArt is one of my most beloved renders. Although I am quite sure it is due to the pose and setting and not at all the exact shape.

But anyways, I took her, migrated her shape from gen8 to gen9, and made this new render. I love how much better gen9 skin looks, and the migration went more perfectly than I could’ve hoped. EXCEPT the eyes don’t fit in the eye socket.

But since I’m so close to getting this to work, well, there’s no hope of me moving backwards now, I need to just solve this eyeball issue. If anyone somehow knows what I am talking about feel free to let me know where I’ve gone wrong :slight_smile:

If you can’t see what I am talking about, trust me, open the full image and go to default zoom and you’ll notice the eyeballs are fucked (this is even after I moved them 0.36Z forewards.)

EDIT: NEVERMIND genesis8 is 125% the size of genesis9, and as such, a scale 125% of the genesis9 eyeball fixes the issue entirely (undid the z-translation). Although I do wonder if the eyelashes and tears and such need a similar effect as well?

edit2: ah to clarify you need to scale the eyes themselves 125% not the object containing the eyes… eek
edit3: hmm 125% eyes is too much by a tiny amount once you see them looking around, maybe 120% is the gap between between gen8 and gen9 moreso, hmm


I fixed her eyes, it was confusing, and I only fixed it temporarily for today, I need to revisit the workflow to fix fix it.

oldnormalsonbodyfrejaskinotherwisechelseashowerfatgen8shape.migratedto9.eyes120scale-0.1Y.teeth+Z0.45 eye still don't appear to be looking at same object_fakeCameratolookat



Genesis9 old lady normaltexture creating cellulite for realistic fat girl belly look! In case you want some WG fetish content and are sick of looking at me render eyeballs over and over trying to get them right.

Longer rant on what went right and what went wrong at Fat Chelsea New Look BELLY CLOSEUP by SexyFatGirlRenders on DeviantArt


Sonsy stocky migrated to gensis 9, test render1.

See deviantart for notes.

#Strongfat three other camera angles can be found on my dA

How much nipple is too much nipple? Explanation on deviantart. But you can still let me know which is best here.


There’s too much booty in the pants :slight_smile:


delete pants:


Picture 2,1,3 feels the most natural to me though I would suspect it’s largely due to having them all next to each other. I wouldn’t think any looked odd, if I saw them separately.

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I agree, though I think 1 and 2 are pretty close. 3 clearly feels like too much to me.

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Unrelated to game. Figured I hadn’t posted in this thread in a while though.

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Super pregnant


My obsession with hdri’s was ruining all my butts. It’s basically impossible to keep the hdri from acting like a shadow softening fill light, and harsh shadows are what define subtle details like cellulite.

EDIT: Thanks to Profile - Mbauto - Weight Gaming for the displacement map texture used in this second render. Oh also the hd morph in render1 of this post was turned off for post2. In case anyone was wondering.


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