Trying to decide if I should generate any explicit content or not.

Most games on this site do not contain explicit nudity or sex scenes. Is that because none of us are fans of it? Or for some other reason? As of yet I haven’t tried to generate any nude renders. In theory this would mean I’d have such things occur off screen in a fade to black style way. Although if there’s a lot of weight gain game fans who actually want increased nudity in their games. Well, I might consider it. One of the biggest headaches nudity generates is that I have no idea where it is allowed to be posted and where it isn’t allowed to be posted. On DeviantArt I’ve marked my content as mature, but I’ve also been keeping everyone’s naughty bits covered up. (I don’t want my posts on deviantart reported and taken down if I can avoid it.)

  • I prefer it when my VNs contain explicit content.
  • I prefer it when my VNs do not contain any explicit content.
  • I have no preference either way and enjoy the game equally if I play through explicit content or not.

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Just going by my own experiences messing with the 2D Kisekae character generation system, I’d wager that the biggest reason there isn’t content greater than nudity in these games is because they’re a lot harder to actually get right. You’re dealing with two models (or more?) at that point, and you have to figure out how they slot together in a way that doesn’t look broken or buggy and still allows for the player POV to produce something worth seeing. Kisekae quite literally has only ONE reasonable sex-position available for it, without turning one of the participants into a transparent shadow, and it (reverse standing doggy-style) isn’t exactly commonplace as far as positions go. Comparatively, self-pleasure is pretty easy.

Similarly, it’s tough to write sex also. I consider myself a writer. I’ve been paid to write. But even then, depending on the circumstances it’s oftentimes easier to pull the curtain and let the readers’ imaginations fill in the gaps on actual events. Sex is an action scene, and action scenes are a lot of description that can easily turn tedious or boring or unrealistic. Especially since everybody has different things they find to be turn-ons and turn-offs, and if you include somebody’s turn-off in the scene you’ve ruined it for them. The alternative is go back and put content toggles on your scenes - which is extra work for minimal reward, and there are WAY too many possible triggers out there. Comparatively, you can instead just let everybody fantasize their own little perfect sexy-time and save yourself the work of writing it out at all.

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So the poll made it clear that it’s moderately popular but also not supremely required for this specific fetish.

#weightgain #breastexpansion #nippleexpansion

The fully breast expansion series from this camera angle is available on my deviantart SexyFatGirlRenders User Profile | DeviantArt sorry if this is a bit of a teaser, I don’t actually know how to make nsfw renders and if the poll went differently I was going to just never bother to learn how.

I’m not super happy with these nipples I need them to have more detail and be more three dimensional, something I’ll have to work on if I’m gonna do more nsfw style content for the game. Actual sex isn’t allowed on deviantart but I can always include it in a game for this forum. I won’t include it though if I can’t make a version I’m satisfied with.

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Apropos of nothing: I have to say, handling the (apparently) inherent Daz3D skin-gloss effect by putting the characters under a shower is a hilariously-intelligent idea. If you can’t make them not be shiny, give them a reason TO be shiny.

You can make them be less shiny. See this comparison.

Default shininess in the above

I intentionally turned up the shine for this one because someone said it’d look better.
In the shower scene they actually have a second skin full of water drops being worn. But, uh, yeah, the shower turned out okay. FAR better than my damp shirt tests did.
Although you can go below default shininess too, I don’t think I have an example for that ready.
Part of it is probably that genesis8 doesn’t support micronormals for pores the way pbrskin does in genesis8.1. Although pbrskin comes off as more pale and washed out, in theory you should be able to adjust it, to contain and harness the power of shininess to highlight pores. I haven’t mastered that technique though as none of my scenes are lit properly enough for it.

TLDR; The shine is dumb, but without the shine the skin looks even more plasticy and fake in the opinion of most people pressing the render button, hence every render looks too shiny.

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You know, I figured that was the reason behind it - but I’d seen so many Daz3D model images in various things that were at least of satin gloss that I honestly thought that was how they set it in the program. I didn’t realize that it was an actual artistic choice by so many different modelers going “yeah, that looks better than making it look like ‘skin’ levels of reflectivity.”

Makes sense though. People are mostly closer to matte, but they have a lot of skin detail which adds visual interest. Without that, I guess your options are kind of limited to “more like clay” or “more like plastic”… and out of those two, I’d also wind up picking the shinier one. It at least adds something, even if it’s just slight light reflection.

Sorry for the assumption! I honestly just thought that was something the program did for its model skin. If it’s any consolation, I thought you were doing something brilliant by working with the shine I always see instead of just having it be there.

I found this video on the shininess settings in daz3d helpful Wet Skin Tutorial for Daz Studio and Iray - YouTube
If you don’t use daz3d though it’ll be very boring.

The default skin might be slightly shiney, but you can turn it down, off, up, alter it, etc etc. It’s kind of just a tough problem to solve. Especially because you need to setup like studio lighting rigs to render things. So like, you know how people on stage or on tv complain that there are so many lights it’s getting hot? Well you need the same for 3d renders in iray. So, rather than modeling reality in your iray renders, you have to try and model instead a hollywood set. In order to eliminate all gloss and shine from a figure you might end up having to leave half of them drapped in a blurry shadow. Which is again, likely just worse than the wet shine look.

I’m not that happy with my skin in most of my renders. People who are better at it though can manage to get like you said “interesting” visual skin effects that aren’t just light bursting forth like the sun.
I need to abandon my dreams to level up and do a better job at being a better artist though if I want to make a game. I keep falling down rabbit holes trying to learn some new complicated 3d rendering technique or information.

Showers have been done to death though, there’s tons of these scenes, what I wanted to learn first thing when I obtained my new gpu was sweat. It didn’t go that well though.

I think sweaty girls could be good for like a fat girl in a weight gain game who starts out thin and becomes fat but still wants to workout because she’s in denial. I’m not confident though I can render it well enough to make it a major feature of a game. I only turned to showers after this thread told me people wanted nudity and someone on deviantart asked for a shower.

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I mean, holy shit is that ever true. It’s a constant battle to fight my own desire to have whatever I’m doing perfectly match my own hazy visions for it if I ever want to get it fucking DONE. I keep having to come back to this comic and just reiterate to myself that it’s better to get out something - even if it’s a first iteration of something I plan to come back to - versus trying to make it perfect and never finishing.

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For reference and encouragement, by the way, people who draw meaningful amounts in monthly Patreon subscriptions for their Daz3D Ren’Py games have models and shots meaningfully worse than what you’re showing here. You are at LEAST good enough in what you’re doing to match the people currently doing this on a making-money basis. I completely understand your desire to improve and innovate, of course, but some “doing this for a living now” 3D-art-in-Ren’Py game creators are working off screenshots from Illusion games. I’m pretty sure the only reason there isn’t more of that HERE is because nobody’s made (or at least I haven’t found in a cursory search) the necessary mods which would be required to make fat characters look good in them.

I’ve also seen several different creators basically go “yeah, quality improves in the later chapters - eventually I’ll get around to redoing Chapter 1/2, but right now it’s not a focus.” So don’t get too bogged down in getting it 100% to start with.

Goal: Code custom menu system.

Result: Research pale skin and veins on breasts.

Edit: I spent a long time trying to get a breast vein shell or decal to work, they always looked awful, the only way to get an effect of this quality is to edit the veins onto the skin texture in photoshop/gimp. That said, they only look … moderately worse as a plug and play mix and match shell, but bad enough I don’t want to use it.


Finally got the simulation working:
What do people prefer?

Perky belly?

Or saggy belly?

Edit: Note hiding this in this thread instead of my main thread in case people want to avoid nsfw content.


Different circumstances make each a better fit. Perky should be used for people who are full/stuffed, saggy for people who aren’t. (Obviously reality doesn’t exactly work that way, to this extent anyways, but it’s a great visual shorthand which I’ve seen used in the art surrounding the kink a LOT.)

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If she was stuffed she wouldn’t have lovehandles so much and her belly would be rounder. I suppose I should clarify though this (the above comparison) is for unstuffed. The comparison for stuffed might be perky or super perky, the super perky image being one I haven’t created yet. You could reference Chelsea’s belly (below), which is just ridiculous, but that’s more of an example for stuffed.

I’ll revisit a render for stuffed in the future, if I wasn’t so worried about gimmicks with the table and scene I probably could’ve made it look less uncanny valley.

edit: To avoid double posting:
When you forget to click the button to turn the arms back on

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Still haven’t made that custom menu, but hey, I learned a new way to squeeze fat bellies.

The how is explained on deviantart. Also, I didn’t want to bother rendering a man, so you know, he’s standing a million miles away and just reaching into the shot :wink:

CW: force feeding themed sex dungeon content

She wishes on a cursed monkeys paw to lose weight. She loses weight by losing height. But she loses height so rapidly, and so little weight, she ends up turning into a positively spherical blob!

Click image to open as gif, it won’t play gifs in the forum without being clicked on it seems.

See Fat girl height expansion. Turning fat into height by SexyFatGirlRenders on DeviantArt for reverse

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The gif only plays once and stays on the short fat girl, even if you refresh the page, so I made it go backwards and repeat.

I have a looping version but I keep trying to upload it and getting an error, it’s only 4.5mb

No clue why. It can be uploaded to dA it seems Talltoshortweightlosswishfatnessdevilstrick.bathro - SexyFatGirlRenders's

edit: So uh, do people prefer looping gifs or play once gifs? Now, if the end of the gif is the same frame as the first frame, aka the gif was designed to loop? Then I 100% would always post the looping version, but I tend to find it jarring if it loops without reversing itself, hmm.

The problem with play-once gifs is that, unlike a video file, there isn’t an easy way to restart them on most people’s computers. On this page, for example, it’ll play once on Firefox and that’s it. Even if you refresh the page or open the image in a new tab, it will still open on the last frame unless you turn the browser on and off or something. I myself prefer GIFs that rewind after holding onto the last frame for a second or two, it makes the animation look fun and bouncy.