High Weight Capacity Gaming Chair

Hi! I was looking for recommendations for gaming chairs that have a high weight capacity. I currently weigh roughly 560 lbs. I need a chair that holds that weight or maybe even more.

My current chair has a 500 lb capacity. Honestly, it’s not very high quality though. Just a cheap one off of Amazon. I already exceeded the capacity when I bought it. And it’s gotten pretty warped ever since I bought it. I can’t see it lasting much longer. I’ve had it less than 2 years.

Ideally I’d like to get one that’s comfortable, high quality, and ergonomic.


GOSH you’re big. I know shopping for chairs at basically size past 250 is tough, and I got a bunch of links a while back…

this one says 500 in the link but I selected the 550 sorting options, and the highest they go to is 1200lbs

This link doesn’t have any office chairs with a high enough rating for you iirc, but there are some normal chair types that might be useful someday, and maybe it’ll point you in the direction of some manufacturers that do make tough enough stuff.

I had one other link but all the items it listed were all 404s, so hopefully just these will get you what you’re looking for. Some of those price tags were really high so… I hope you can find something that doesn’t completely obliterate the bank. good luck and happy sitting!

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Yeah, I was going to say, anything over like 300 lbs requires specialized stuff custom-made by storefronts across the internet, or maybe those medical supply stores or something (though they definitely wouldn’t have gamer chairs.)

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