hey there so… basically I followed AtticusArc to this site but never bothered to make an account until now.
I mostly just check the site every few months or so, see if there’s anything that appeals to me, then wait awhile longer.

So far I think my favorite game of this type is still Fatty Text Adventure-- it had loads of content, lots of my buttons pressed, but most importantly you could play as a human male and that’s what I like the most.
Content revolving around females and/or furries holds little to no appeal to me (but I gotta be honest, if you wanna learn to draw fetish art, you gotta take some lessons/references from the furries, they know their sh!t especially when it comes to all things inflationary).

anyway yeah that’s… all I’m here for. Just hoping to find more stuff like Tainted Elsyium and FTA, really.
Shout-out to Atticus if he’s still around; right before you pulled the plug, I’d sent you an email offering writing, editing help and would have done it for free, that’s how much I loved your game :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome, hope you have fun over here!

thanks! probably just lurk like usual but figured I should at least make an account since I come often enough.

Welcome! Happy to have you here with us!

welcome to the forums!

heya, welcome to the place of fetish games

Welcome to the forums.

hi all, thanks, nice to meet you
name’s the same on most other websites I have a presence on, should’ve mentioned that.
sometimes I make doodles and bad art of bellies and other things happening to dudes. or write stories. not much recently though as I’ve been preoccupied with IRL stuff.

Hello there

Honestly both of those games were also my favorites and I hope one day someone else can release something as awesome as those were, maybe with a little extra polish.

Either way, welcome to here. Hope it good