Hiring Help

I’m starting a new project as a present from my wife. It should be a smaller project than Galactic Bulge but thanks to me knowing helpful people who wanna help my darling Cassie, I have a lot of money.

I tried making a post in the “Project Help” category but can’t for a second. Does anybody know some reddit threads or discord channels where I can hire some writers and sprite editors? I have a big budget for this


I have absolutely no clue where you would find dedicated servers for writers- or artists-for-hire, but I am somewhat capable of designing and editing sprites decently. I don’t work for money outside my actual job; I mostly work on small projects for free or in trade.
If nobody else is interested, or if you find no means of hiring other people, I’d be happy to see if I can help.

Good luck in your search!


Can you DM me over discord or something?

I’m SnakesAndLapines#9202

My wife is a really good artist. I’m sure we can work out a trade! She’ll be over the moon

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I never really used Discord besides chatting in servers I was invited to.

  1. Could you tell me how I do that?
  2. Would the DMs here work?

Hello, I have done some writting and sprite editing before, I think I can do some contributions for your project, message me at discord, I’m: Kaldr#6329

For some reason I can’t find your User ID on Discord :frowning:

I’ll just DM you here and we can talk for bit, kay?

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Hey! I think you used to collab with my wife on Love is the Way to my Heart!

If you’re looking for a writer, I’d be happy to put myself forwards for that

Can I get your discord?

I might be of help, I have some art and writing experience and might know some people I can redirect if my knowledge isn’t sufficient

I know someone who might be interested in writing, but I’m not sure they’ll be free for a few weeks. Let me know if you want me to send them some contact info.

don’t be afraid to use resourses like fiverr.com

I’ve had a lot of success getting people not in this fetish to make some quality fetish art or write quality stories based around it.