Hiya, this is Und0!

Hello there! I’m Und0, a game designer who has worked professionally in the medium for a few years. I recently decided to look into the NSFW and kink side of game design and development, as I recently became a fan of a few creators who are also known on this forum and saw the potential for this medium as full-fledged game projects.

I am planning to release projects in the future both in digital & physical formats. It might take some time as it is my first solo development experience and I’m still in the process of getting the hang of it and learning some new skills to be more self-sufficient with my projects.

In the meantime if you want you can check my itch page: https://inane-bloatware.itch.io

I already posted a project there for a 5e homebrew for weight gain conditions, so feel free to post your opinions and feedback there or on this post: 5E Homebrew - The Expanded Guide to Enlarging Encounters (Weight Gain Conditions)

Also, I have a Twitter and Bulesky, both @InaneBloatware, where I might post updates with my work from time to time, or if you just want to see my out-of-pocket thoughts.

Hope to see ya around and take care!