Hola gente!

Hello everyone! I’ve been a silent lurker on this forum ever since i found it while scavenging on the grim wastelands of Google Search and I must say, i’m totally impressed by the sheer amount of creativity and passion in this little community and i hope i can be a part of it, if not as a content creator at least as a vocal supporter of every project that i find really interesting.

That’s all for now, i’ll be checking constantly for new content and i know i won’t be dissapointed, stay strong people, i know you guys/gals can do it!


We are always happy to have more support even if it is from the sidelines. If you even want to try to become a content creator I am sure you will find our community more than happy to help you where you need it!

Either way welcome! Happy to have you here :smile:

I mean hey, us vocal supporters and do a lot for a community! But welcome!

Glad you found this oasis in the deserts of the internet! We’re happy to have you here; it gets lonely out there~