Homebrew Games

We often talk about games like those created in RPG Maker and Text Adventure games. But, there’s one topic that seems to be foreshadowed: Homebrew. Yes, the ability to develop games for past game systems like the NES, Genesis, SNES, Game Boy/GBC, Game Boy Advance, N64, GameCube, PSX, PS2, Wii, and their respective emulators. It seems that Homebrew games haven’t been touched upon as of late. The amount of weight gain and general expansion Homebrew games are almost none, so there should be possible WG/expansion Homebrew games for this site.

I don’t actually know a lot about ROMhacks and homebrew, but I’d imagine the skillset required to manipulate a rom or iso, along with the limitations of any particular console, would make that a fairly dead avenue for the average fetishist. Robust as some tools may be, they’re still fairly limited in what you can actually do.

That being said, the Star Rod editor for Paper Mario, presuming it’s still in development, looks like it could be promising.

Star Rod is functional and there’s even been a hack made with it already. As for this kind of content, there’s guaranteed to be at least one SMW Romhack that contains fetish content but I’m sure it’d have to be tucked away somewhere and not obvious to a casual observer.

I’ll point out what I do every time I see this topic, which is that the market base capable and interested in actually playing a ROM is tiny compared to a mainstream OS. If you really want to play Extreme Eating Contest 2 on your modded Atari 2600, then nobody will stop you, but if you want other people to be able to play it, consider a more open platform.