Homer's oddysey

Is it just me, or does homer’s oddysey contain massive kink potential? I’m sorry to make the old man backflip in his grave, but this idea just dawned on me and I can’t let it go. Just some genderbending and some slight retelling and you’ve got yourself an incredible wg adventure with voring giants, sexy gods, ravenous crewmembers and romance!


To be honest, about the only thing I know about the Odyssey is the part where the crew are turned into pigs, which seems like it’d be pretty easy to make kinky.

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Honestly the idea of a spoofy version of the Odyssey where the hero goes around fattening monsters sounds fun.

There is a tale within the odyssey about when his crew goes onto this island and eat a fruit called the lotus. Long story short, they get addicted to it and don’t care about anything anymore. Change this a bit and you could have some female crew members going ashore and becoming bbws after eating the fruit for a while.


Sounds like a ripe concept! You could have Circe the witch be the PC and the goal is to turn lots of men (or whatever gender) into your piggy pets, or simply a fantasy RPG where every boss monster is some kind of gluttonous fatty.

Maybe make it a roguelike, something in the vein of Hades? Instead of the usual gods you get the boons from the monsters you’ve defeated, reset back to Troy when you lose, and get to try again until you finally get home?

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