Honey Combat Universe Races (small garden creatures)

So there is still some shenanigans going around behind the scenes for Honey Combat, nothing crazy (I mean unless you include me breaking everything while trying to fix everything, it’s fine I swear), but what other creatures would you want to see show up in Honey Combat if the story was to take place in a garden?

(creatures are not limited to bugs but they do need to be somewhat close in size, we can scale but would prefer for nothing ridiculous, mice/rats are the upper limit)


bumble bees, hummingbirds and small lizards (like the house lizard) would be cute

I would love to see moth ladies. .w.

Perhaps a snake or tarantula as one of the kings or queens?

How about Hornets/Wasps? Natural enemies of bees.

maybe some small snakes like the Ball Python, Corn Snake, or the Ringneck snake? I kinda get some naga vibes from them

maybe Lady bugs, or prey mantis or mice girls.

Gnome girls would get my vote.

Perhaps spiders? Since they do settle into certain corners of the yard or garden and usually wait for their food (or hunt for it if they are the active kind). My yard alone has plenty of different types of spiders, from those that encase themselves in the web to ones that built haphazard webs to even the aggressive little guys running across the patio.

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Roaches, grasshoppers, ants, etc.

This is interserting to think about, and with the Thoughts of other Strategy games can spark some ideas, If there were other creatures besides Bees I would say:

-Main Factions, Along with the Honey Bees-
Ants, They come in numbers and have great unit balance but they don’t have as much strength nor specialize units
Queen and There Captains Should be Honey Pot Ants

Beetles, More Armored and Stronger then normal bugs But Slower and Few Numbers
Go with Ladybugs but have them use Different colors & different beetles parts from other beetles of Specialize Units (Besides Grow and Weight Gain of course)

Butterflys & Moths, Some of the Fastest Moving Units & comes with New Specialize Units, they are lack of all Health & Can be Counter Much easier as well more limit Defenses
Idk but I just thinking a Hybrid mix of Moth Floof with Colors of Butterflys for them XP

Hornets/Wraps, Rivals to the Honey Bees and are almost Equal, may different being that can make Specialize units without special honey, this does increase there honey cost & limits more tactic thinking

-Special Factions or Factions would be need more think about or to just add more flavor-
Hoppers, Besides having some great mobile and strength, there must weaker then all other factions do to not using honeys or other special gels for there units, however they are brave to face the other factions even if there at disadvanced

Mantis, The Apex of Garden, With the Most Elite Units of all in the Garden, At the Cost of Paying a lot of points, being few numbers and limit defenses is used for the Strongest, Biggest, and Most Specialize Units to use (Best to Use Counters to Take there Units Down)


need some velvet worm girls in my life


I’d say moth, ant, spiders, and butterfly (obviously the evil foil to the moth’s fluffiness and huggability)

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I like the idea of sticking within the bug world as it’s a unique selling point for the game. Ants and termites seem like they can make for obvious rivals - savage garden tribes with similarly large queens that empower them.

Hornets and wasps could be interesting as, being that much larger and threatening to the hive, they are in effect monstrous versions of the humble bee. Could be fun trying to bring down a rampaging wasp lady marching upon the hive. And hey, it echoes what happens in real life - even down to the swarm tactics bees employ in defending against them! :nerd_face:

If you wanted to introduce some bad attitude, killer bug girls to your world: make 'em wasps.

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I live in the land of wasps unfortunately for me, I have seen Red, Blue, and Yellow Jackets.

But your point of their units being less in numbers be greater in strength is a great idea I would need some extra balancing care but is 100% possible.

Hopefully we will be able to return to the idea of honey combat with a more polished game concept and an even cleaner art style but as of right now everyone is busy with other projects and other stuff


Your mention of “jackets” makes me think of organised gangs. Wasp-girl gangs looking to cause trouble!


wasp gangs would actually be an epic idea to use.

One thing I think of is having instead of a faction of ‘just’ one species and having different ranks like the bees do is to have a group of similar themed ones. Makes partial sense logically too as Bees are hive oriented and are able to make whatever they need but other creatures don’t have that ability so making allies could work better.

Here are a couple ideas off the top of my head:
Hoppers: Grasshoppers, Crickets, Fleas, and simmilar hopping types for a unique movement and potential ‘passive’ surface-air attacks.

Crawlers: Spiders, Centipedes, Pill bugs, Caterpillar, Scorpion, frontline specialized big hitters

Diggers: Worms, Shrews, Antlions, ground heavy defensive trap based playstyle.

Swarm: Mosquito, Aphid, Flies, zerg rush with cheap weak units.


not a bad idea, and spiders have enough verity to be their own group and probably have scorpions included.

but that is not a bad idea at all.


mind controlling mushrooms