Honey Dating's first version is out!

Hey all! I’m back with an update as to how the Honey Dating thing is going, and I’ve got good news! the first version is officially out!

keep in mind a few things as you play it:

  1. this is a very very early beta of the game, no artwork, and the only pathway is halfway done
  2. there is a 2 part teaser for what to expect of the HyperPreg path (for Centurion anyway)

still though, i hope you enjoy this very very early version of what to expect
and if you wanna play it, here is the link: https://cloudnovel.net/HoneyDating/novel/honey-dating


Glad to see you are still committed to the idea! I look forward to seeing what personalities you give each of the units.

I just noticed that in the title your wrote “verst” instead of “first” lol. And cool to see you’re making progress!

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I would say I was waiting for the first version to come out, but in all honesty, I just forgot to say this earlier.
Great interest

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Uhhh when I choose what fetish content I like it just goes to a screen that says 50% and I can’t do anything lol

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Seems pretty good so far, looks promising, can’t wait to see where this project goes

Select hyper preg path nothing else is in the game at the moment.

sorry about that man, like i said, this is a very raw beta of the game

it will continue to be worked on though

Sorry that’s my bad, didn’t read thoroughly enough

even then, its only a teaser for what to expect for hyperpreg

No matter what I select, it only selects the “What’s the difference?” button.


I’ll look into it and see what I can do, this is my very first game and my first visual novel

I started thinking about the premise of the dates our protag would go on within the context of bees - inspiration suddenly struck (or perhaps “stung” :honeybee:) me: soldier recruitment!

Imagine the scene: you are a female worker bee, newly hatched and ready to serve your home and castle, the Hive! Thanks to a new initiative, all new workers can now choose their allotted role in serving in the defense of both Queen and Hive. How do they choose? A recruitment program allows any prospective worker to interact face-to-face with the various soldier types, who in turn seek workers to sign up and swell their ranks.

Our eager little worker can interact with any of the soldiers classes and see what makes them tick, soon getting to know her personal recruiter closely as a bond is formed. When it comes to making a decision, will our worker partake in the coloured honey of choice and join her new comrades as one of their own or does she still want to have some fun with her new recruiter friend beforehand?

The recruitment drive also includes the illustrious role of Scouts, who serve and feed the Queen directly, but only for special workers who are able to prove themselves!

In plain English:

  • Date each of the hive soldiers, who want you to join their ranks!
  • Make the choice of becoming a soldier for a soldier/soldier scene, or choose to stay a worker for a worker/soldier scene!
  • Special unlockable content for dating a Scout - or to go for the big Queen herself!

an interesting concept, but I’m unfortunately not going to be doing that style of dating sim, as I’ve gotten quite a lot of work done on my current world of Honey Dating