Honeypot Hauler!

A simple little game where you (a bee named Herb) carry honey from the trees to the big jar in the middle of the map. While there’s currently no info card, I’m still working on the game so think of this as a devpost? I’ll update this later with more information and stuff. Worked on this with mark suckerberg (I don’t know how to link accounts oops)
Press E to collect honey, WASD/arrow keys to move, mash space when instructed to.
You can collect more honey than you think - try collecting more when you reach your “max”!
Download: Honeypot Hauler! by Moonjump


the sprites look really cute!. well done!


thank you!! I worked really hard on them, haha


It might be nice to have screen size/ area grow, even if it’s an upgrade- at high speeds, it’s very easy to slam into everything.
I’d also recommend changing the sprite for the clock/timer to have a red mark on the finish line, to make it more obvious when time’s up.
Perhaps an arrow pointing directly towards the jar might be nice- it’s somewhat easy to get lost with the small screen, and being slow makes searching a pain. Understandable if it’s intentional.

I managed to softlock the game, by being in a struggle state when the clock hit zero- time no longer progressed, but I could still interact normally.

Looking forward to seeing any additions!


thanks for the feedback!! I’ll work on those right away, and probably increase the distance the camera is so it’s easier to not bump into stuff


by being in a struggle state

what do you mean by this btw? do you mean struggling as in going over max weight, or as in being stunned by an enemy?


Same as they said before, very cute sprites, amazing idea where you can really push the limits with size. The camera angle makes it a bit difficult to manage and also, what are the conditions to reach an ending? Is it just number of days that pass? Got a rank B Better i think on my best try but it was because i avoided almost gaining weight and did small deliveries of honey, feels like, either a mode with no ending or a bit more time to enjoy the wg part of the game. Also, once you reach an ending screen i cant click or use any button and am forced to close the game.


It’s just the number of days that pass, and I completely forgot to make it so you can restart after the ending oops


Max weight- not stun.

This is such a great start for a game! The sprites look great and there’s lots of room for new ideas.
There are a couple of things I would suggest:

  • I could be wrong, but right now it seems like there’s no real reason to try to gain lots of weight at once other than to look at the sprites? It just makes the enemies harder to dodge which is kind of annoying since the camera angle makes it so hard to see the enemies before it’s too late.
  • Maybe some more of the trees could start with honey under them? I did notice that a couple of them do, but most of the time the beginning of each day is spent just waiting for honey to appear, especially near the beginning of the game since you won’t have as many movement speed upgrades.
  • It would be nice if there was a counter that told you how many days were left. I had no idea how many days had passed or how many more were left and then the game just suddenly ended.

But overall I think it’s really good! And it can only get better from here!


I could be wrong, but right now it seems like there’s no real reason to try to gain lots of weight at once other than to look at the sprites?

I plan on improving the overweight system, since I noticed this too

Maybe some more of the trees could start with honey under them?

also something I plan on doing- currently they pick a random number to start with, I might make them all start with honey

It would be nice if there was a counter that told you how many days were left.

also in progress!

hopefully all of these concerns will be addressed by the next update!


Added minimap so you can always tell where the honey jar is!
Also zoomed out the camera so you can see where you’re going easier.
Touched up the day clock so it’s a bit more obvious what day you’re on and how much longer you have in the day.
Improved the scoring system so it’s easier to get higher scores. However, each score still requires only 100 points to achieve - will work on this next.
Trees now start with honey under them. - bugged, forgot to make it so this happens daily, whoops! will fix in next update

softlock by being in a QTE when the day ends
unable to restart after getting final score
ability to set day length and day number when starting game
Still no point to getting higher sizes - very open to suggestions for this!!


New UI looks much better- the zoomed out look does give it a distinctly Unity feel, which isn’t exactly good or bad. The ‘Unity’ feel might be because of the lack of shadows with all objects aside from the giant jar in the middle- perhaps removing that shadow might consolidate the look.

One minor issue- perhaps changing the tree hitboxes to different shapes might help their collision- it’s easy to ‘stick’ to a tree, even if holding just A or D. (Maybe circles, or boxes rotated 45 degrees.)
Another edit: Adding a ring of darker grass around the base of the jar, to show the ‘deposit’ radius, would be a minor benefit. That, and perhaps a little progress bar on depositing each piece of honey- preferably close to the character’s sprite. (Not sure if the granularity of the honey jar is at all important- but with my day 1-2 yields usually being around 31, it stops updating early.)
Also- I don’t think the honey in the buy screen is properly set in the jar on the counter.
(And if the options screen doesn’t have any options, keeping it invisible might make it look more complete.)
Another thing- as if this post didn’t have enough- bulking up next to a tree sometimes bounces you up into the air when resolving collision- keeping the player’s height stable might fix it.

Thoughts on incentivizing higher sizes- perhaps depositing after a limit break could give a time bonus, in exchange for having to go through the effort of being slow/QTE’s. Perhaps with diminishing returns, to avoid forever days. (Maybe requiring a full deposit? Could tie in with combo thoughts.)
Perhaps added points- banking limit+1 in rapid succession could add an extra point, etc. Perhaps as a combo system, where darting back-and-forth can continue a points+ combo- giving the player a visible timer, and a running bonus to make it more transparent.
Maybe also having a ‘stomp’ effect at top size- pushing enemies away with each step, in a certain radius. Perhaps as an addition, or swap-out for the Defense upgrade! (For diminishing power, could be as simple as totallaunchpower-distancex, y, etc.)
Could even have an effect on trees- perhaps a button to charge up a stomp, and knock down a tree for a mess of honey, in exchange for the tree not producing any more for that day.

All depending on how much time you’ve got to spend.


hey, this game looks great, i got a suggestion, maybe add a feature where you can choose a gender, and change it when you like, go to the settings, anyways this game is kinda fun

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A suggestion for the higher weights- a multiplier for how overstuffed you are. If you are 1 over capacity, for example, get a 1.5x multiplier, if you are 2, x2, max (which I assume is 3) x3. This stacks nicely with the capacity upgrades which let you pack in more honey before reaching overstuffed, so you could be hauling up to 20+ honey back if you want to crawwwwwl back to the pot when you’re max size.

Speaking of max size, if you ever wanted to go bigger, you’ll hear no complaints from me~


A nice little game, mechanically sound though a bit unpolished. I like it!


Love the game so far!
Most people have already suggested things I would have suggested, but keep at it!

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Added the ability to see your score on the end screen.
Added the ability to go back to the main menu on the end screen.
Added the ability to choose day length and day count.
Made the jar fill 10x slower so it feels much nicer to fill up.
Jar no longer casts shadow at request of Nerdypoo.

No reason to go above max fullness; still workshopping solutions to this, but I like your ideas!
Tree hitboxes are still wonky
Herb’s hitbox at huge sizes is still wonky
Jar has no visual effect to indicate the radius of honey collection
Shop honey thing is not lined up

I was unable to replicate the softlock bug and as such was also unable to fix it.


absolutely love the project so far, adorable sprites, and a lovely concept! keep up the great work!!

regarding your interest in solutions to max size, i wonder how effective it would be to make it take more honey to fill overstuffed slots, like it taking two honey per slot rather than just one. This could incentivize players by increasing the return for going over (granting six extra honey instead of just three), while also reducing the punishment of slowness by making it take more honey to reach even slower fullness levels.

overall, amazing work! I hope to see more from you c:


Stomach sizes over 5 can now hold more honey!
Speed is now lerped instead of being a flat decrease with each weight, meaning you move faster at high weights with the weight upgrade.
Scoring is much nicer now, giving much better scores (still arbitrary numbers atm, but!)
Score is now granted by putting honey into the jar (3 points per honey collected), completing a QTE (10 points) and reaching maximum weight (50 points, + 25 per max weight upgrade)
QTEs only activate once per weight level so it isn’t tedious to reach high weight with the increased capacities
Fixed the softlock where being in a QTE when the day ends softlocks you
honey is now in the jar in the shop (lmao)
Trees now start each day with 1 honey in front of them.

Not implemented still:
Sound Effects, Music (likely not going to be implemented until post-jam)
info card for the main menu to teach people how to play
challenge modes (likely not going to be implemented until post-jam)