Horizons Expanded - a formal Introduction

Well well well, here we are then.
As I promised over on the Eternalland: A tale of hungry Elves topic, I wish to formally and officially introduce us, Horizons Expanded!
So, what exactly are we then? The answer is very simple: We are effectively a team of people (programmers, writers, artists, you name it) that are working together to create games. Yes, you read that correctly, games as in plural. And yes, we are an actual dev team made up of people that some of you may already know.
But enough vagueness, I should probably get to introducing the different members now, shouldn’t I? Before I do that however, I should mention that not every member of the team is working on our current main project which is of course Eternalland: A tale of hungry Elves. To avoid confusion regarding who is doing what on which project, I will put members into three categories which will be rather self-explanatory.

First things first, here is our Eternalland team:
@Erronwolf (That’s me, btw): Writer, map maker, chronic recruiter
@Cj-x4.3 : Sprite artist, artist in general
@Narcysses : Main artist
@juan_alvarez : Programmer
@LuLuLuFooFooo : Programmer, rainbow snake worshipper
@Shatteraura : Music composer

Secondly, the team for our second, as of yet secret project…:
Erronwolf (Yes, me again): Writer
Eclipsis: Programmer
@Shindirafeh : Main artist

And last but not least, our not currently active members. These are busy with their own games but often chip in on situations such as programming issues and similar things:
SelenaBellyofSteel : Programming help
PreggoPixels : Programming help
Round : Mapping help, design help
Parnash : Programming help
humblesasquatch : programming help, usually Eternalland programmer

Now that you know all our members, I will quickly note how this account works. As you may have gathered from the list, the person currently typing is me, Erron… But this account is actually accessible to all our members!
We did this largely because the idea that all the projects of such an extensive team would be published here under my account (like the topic at the top of this post) started to feel unfair, and because we wanted to have an account that members could use without having to use their own private accounts.
It may take some getting used to, but everytime someone in our team posts here, they will make sure to sign their post so that everyone knows who was talking, that should stop potential confusion.

And yeah, that’s about it! We’re very excited to finally introduce ourselves properly and we hope that you, much like us, are looking forward to what projects we will make and put on here in the future!

Edit: I removed one of our team member’s names as per their own wishes. Privacy reasons, I’m sure you all understand!



Now that’s a list of talent there.
Definitely keen to see the results from this.

Good luck guys!


It’s cool knowing that even in corners of the internet as niche as this one, there are still collaborative efforts bringing in refined content! I’ll keep an eye out for posts from you guys. Best of luck on your projects!

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